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Almarius Kendialahle Alma (2).png
Status Active
Race Half-Gnome, Half-Bard, Half-Trouper, Half-Pack Mate, Half-Elf, Half-Hedgehog and Half-Height
Gender Female
Guild Bard
Instance Prime
Relatives Mom, Too Mom, Tree Mom, Faux Mom, Guild Mom
You see Little Howler Almarius Kendialahle, Ventriloquist of the Tavern Troupe Performing Order, a Gnome Bard.
She is pint-sized for a Gnome.
She appears to be young.
Her cheekbone has a tattoo of a few fancifully floating fluffy fairy floss fluffs.

She is wearing a delicate circlet of strawberry blossoms sprouting from silversteel vines, a slender silver eyebrow ring, a brushed silver locket gypsy-set with duskbloom sapphires, a lovely strawberry blossom charm enameled in soft hues, a ruffled organdy pinafore layered over a strawberry pink dress with puffed sleeves, some green and white striped bloomers with crisp organdy ruffles and a cheerful pair of puddle-stomping boots with songsilk laces.

She is probably holding some kind of lollipop... If it didn't somehow disappear.
Maybe you should give her one.

The Mysterious History of Almarius

Honestly, if it's written here it will be a lot less mysterious, but here's what we know.

Alma comes from a small village that was very religious and devout, training orphans to become clerics so they can spread the word of the deities.

One day a traveling circus came around and performed a show. The fire breathers, jugglers, and lion tamers were all so amazing. She would go visit every day while they were there. Then on the last day Alma went, they were all gone. Of course, Alma wandered off to go find them!

She got so lost she ended up in Crossing.

When she talked to the locals everyone told her that with her abilities to get lost she should head over to the ranger guild.

Sooooo an hour or two later she ended up in the bard guild.

Alma went on a gondola ride and met Not Yet Too Mom and had adventures together, going to events where she saw everyone performing and telling stories.

One day at the empath's guild, Not Yet Uncle Hebion and Not Yet Auntie Emyrose brought in their good buddy, Not Yet Mom, Ahneya. Not Yet Mom, Ahneya, with her very modest and shy asked her if she wanted to be adopted. Alma, always wanting a family, very bashfully (as usual), said "yeeeeeeesssssss please!" Bouncing and spinning, at her new family.

Shortly after that, because of Alma and Not Yet Too Mom's Adventurer's Club she wanted to join an Order! She instantly wrote off the Tavern Troupe because she was noooooooo way creative enough for that amazing singers and performers!


Not Yet Auntie Emyrose, she, and Not yet Uncle Hebion didn't know, but when Mom adopted Alma, Alma also adopted Auntie Emyrose and Uncle Hebion.

They came to her and asked her if she wanted to try out for the Tavern Troupe. The rest is legendary!


Alma has a very special relationship with the Sfek Vauns Arotru Pack, and is proud to be a Gnome Rakash!
She is known as Alma, the AwooOoOoer.

Alma the AwooOOooer.jpg

Almarius' Amazing Adventures

More details to come, but here's a sneak peek!

In Which Almarius Meets The Future Too Mom or (The Gondola Ride)

Alma and Before She Was Too Mom met!

A couple weeks later, they met again on the gondola. Alma bashfully struck up a conversation because she was friendless! (GASP.)

"HIiiiiiiiiiiiiii I'm Almarius! I'm a gnome bard!", said Almarius, "Sooooo happy to meet you!"
"Sorry, I'm supah awkward, and dunno how to have conversations."

Too Mom Prodigy, so AMAZING in her speech crafted from many masterful conversations, proclaimed, "That's okay! I'm awkward too. We can be awkward together!"

Annnnnnnnnd so started the beginning adventures of Not Yet Too Mom and Alma.

The Adventurer's Club  

The Adventurer's Club (members Alma and Not yet Too Mom) was formed!

Another Amazing Story Coming!  

You won't believe this one!

Find out more!