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Allum Beye
Status: Dead
Guild: Unknown
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Type: pirate
Associates: Saller, Kendyll

Red Sash pirate, navigator, and an estranged member of Shark Clan. Originally served aboard the Black Star under Saller, but survived a mutiny led by Aedem and became Kendyll's navigator. Died during a raid on M'riss/Mer'Kresh after getting drunk (a frequent occurrence) in the bar. His soul was, however, trapped in a special charm fashioned from his bones by Althiras. His ghost briefly roamed M'riss, poisoning people, until the charm was destroyed by citizens of Qi. Originally from the waters near Hara and may have had a wife named Emma.

[Need more detail on the charm, Allum's ghost, etc]


You see Buccaneer Allum Beye, a Human Pirate.
He has dusky brown almond-shaped eyes, a shaved head dotted with white stubble and deep brown skin.
He is mature for a Human.
He has a long goatee twisted into three bushy braids.
He is in good shape.

He is holding a leather wrapped composite bow in his right hand. He is wearing a garishly painted leather vest, a long red sash trimmed with gold coins, some loose white calf length trousers, some slouched leather boots with wide cuffs, a worn leather baldric, a broad-brimmed leather hat strung with bright parrot feathers and an oversized gold hoop earring.

As a ghost (9 March 2003)

You see the ghostly form of Allum Beye, a Spectral Buccaneer.
He has eerily glowing silver eyes, a long mane of ghostly white hair that stirs about errantly of its own volition, and misty brown skin that gleams with a faint tinge of silver translucence. He is shrouded in a violently churning cloak of sickly green fog.
He has transcended the bounds of mortality.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a rotting leather vest, a tattered red sash, some ragged canvas trousers, some decaying leather boots covered with seaweed and barnacles and some ghostly green chains.

Return of his bones to Aedem

(From boards, Jan 11, 2002. Posted by LOVELOST)

Aedem and Syeran showed up again tonight (thursday night/early fridaymorning).

Were looking for allum's remains again. I told them I had already searched the canal, and didn't seem to be much use looking. Syeran said that the waves sometiems turned stuff up and to look again so I headed over for another swim.

They offered to pay for any bones found, but preferably wanted the skull.

Went in the canal and splashed around a bit, I felt the water stirring up debris, and some bones surfaced at various places.

A jaw bone, toe bone, thigh bone, and a skull and a red sash.

Took them to Aedem, he said he wasn't sure they were allum's but 'sallador could tell'. They also mentioned in passing that Sallador said they'd be useful still.

He told me to name my price, and I requested knowledge instead. So got 4 questions for the 4 bones.

I inquired about their progress in deciphering the parchment, he claims they have had no luck.

I asked if there were any barbarian books still in readable shape, he says there are.

I asked if we had a chance to recover them, and he says yes.

I also asked why sallador thought allum's bones would be useful (necromancy or something?) and aedem claimed no clue.

I think some folks attacked syeran during this time, so he killed a few, but not sure what all happened there, hopefully someone else can fill in the clue.

Now that allum's safely returned, hopefully this chapter can at least move on.

From an IC standpoint. Xavier fully supports loyalty, and can see trying to recover a dead mate. I'd hope they'd give us the same chance if one of our own was lost to them.

I'm certainly not pirate friendly, and told Aedem in ending that I'd likely see him across swords next meeting. But I wanted this resolved.


Althiras' involvement, cost of making the skull charm

(From boards. March 18, 2002 by KC2)

Sent the trusty falcon, Iggles, to peek in on Aedem this day. Decided to try and tail him for a bit rather than just confronting him. Didn't see much of interest, and soon enough it was obvious he was on to me. As he sat rocking away like an ole retired barbarian in his rocking chair, he looked at Iggles and asked if I was going to speak up.

So I decided to open the conversation with a question about the supposed Althiras made magical device of Allum's skull. Eventually he fessed up and showed the skull, it had been strung with copper wire, like a crown, moldy feathers and Althiras's trade mark, parrot claws. Also of note are two black pearls placed in the eye-scockets, and a shark inscribed along the brow, obviously signifying the Shark Clan.

He turned awfully chatty then, which surprised me, all I can think is that he's getting bored holed up there in Hara till Sallador's plan is put in action. When asked he admitted that paying Althiras to create this device used for Necromany, such as the one Althiras is known to use, was Sallador's idea. Kendyll was the one who took Allum's skull to Althiras to have made into the device needed. Was also able to find out that Sallador seems to have promised Althiras a ship in exchange for his services, the Slohekepi, which means the Sea's Blood in Skra'ish.

Questions are flying all around me lil head now. What plan is this that Sallador has concocted? Can a pirate like Sallador really control this device? Why would Althiras want a ship of his own?

I myself am feeling a bit fidgety about the whole matter. I do so hate Necromancy, and to have anyone as evil minded as Sallador with this power, makes it all the worse.

Enough of these thoughts for now,


Visions from Allum's past

(From boards, March 6, 2003 by SULKERST)

As night fell I found myself in Wishing Well Grove outside my cottage when I heard a ghostly moaning and noticed a green mist creeping through the housing area. The mist surrounded me and I was unable to move. I called out to Allum asking if I could help him in some way.....

Green mist fills your vision, and the smell of tar and brine overwhelms you. When your vision clears you feel somehow different, as if you are caught in a strong current.

The rigging, spars and sails seem like a kingdom unto themselves, with a logic and beauty all their own. Below, the ship's hull seems too small to need or support these regal mansions of billowing sailcloth and creaking hemp. The wind plays its song in the rigging and spiderweb vibrations race along the hard, coarse shrouds.

The sextant is a work of art in your callused hands, a contrast of polished brass and teak. Sighting carefully, you make one more notation in the log and call out the sun's altitude. Aedem flashes his wolfish grin and gives the wheel one last turn. "Well done, lad. We'll be t'Hara in no time if the winds hold", he says giving you a wink. Laughing aloud, your mind turns towards the pouch of gold at your belt and the ruby earrings stashed in your boot. "Emma'll love 'em," you think to yourself, and the warm, familiar glow rises in you at the prospect of your well-earned liberty.

The smoke is too thick for you to take an accurate assessment of the damage. The screams of the dead and dying echo through the murky dawn. Ducking under a desperate swing of the dwarf's axe, you cleave the hand holding it from the wielder's arm and kick the stunned Nadamian over the rail. A sharp cry, "Ware the mast!" precedes a deafening crash. The ship gives a lurch as the smoldering mainsail drapes itself like a shroud across the bodies littering the deck. "Holds're clear, Captain!" the bosun yells and relief washes over you. "Back t'the Star boys!" yells Aedem.

Suddenly the green mist parts and the current pulls the presence away, leaving you adrift in its wake. Your world returns to normal.

Just as quickly it was gone again. I think I was seeing memories, Allum's memories but I'm not at all sure what to make of this.


Another vision

( boards, 3/23/2003 by PARAGONDR)

Green mist fills your vision, and the smell of tar and brine overwhelms you. When your vision clears you feel somehow different, as if you are caught in a strong current..

"And thirty!" bellows the boson.

The thin figure sags against the mast, only the ropes binding his arms above his head keep him from sprawling bloodily upon the deck.

"Drag him to the bow and chain him again!" roars the Saller, gesturing with the spike that occupies the space once held by his hand.

Thirty lashes for killing some Dne you'd think he'd be happy with the lad but for the way he did it. Fire from his hands, who'd 'a thought the Aedem'd had that in him? Of course, that's what comes of letting young Fyrsh hang 'round that ole Rissan on Hara, and talk about all that elemental mumbo jumbo ever' chance they'd get.

The alchemist mutters a low curse as he shoves a bit of jadice flower back into his sash. For now it'll be seawater, but later some of the crew'll give him what aid they can, out of the Captain's sight of course. Likeable lad, for all as he's stubborn as a yeehar when it comes to the Captain.

Suddenly the green mist parts and the current pulls the presence away, leaving you adrift in its wake. Your world returns to normal.

Make of it what you will. Allum has a quality in these visions that make me take a liking to him, but that cannot excuse the fact that these attacks are putting us in danger. -Towerlocke.

Another vision

( boards 3/29/03 by LINEYTADR)

Green mist fills your vision, and the smell of tar and brine overwhelms you. When your vision clears you feel somehow different, as if you are caught in a strong current...

The ship lurches skyward, riding vast swells of dark water. It hangs precipitously in the air for a few heart-pounding moments before sliding deep into the trough. Her courses sag in the tenuous calm until the next wave pushes it aloft like a mere child's toy, the foamy caps hissing in the inexorable procession.

The Captain's voice booms out, "All hands, all hands! Men into the foreshrouds, she's going above the cap!"

There is a frenzy of activity as men begin to scamper up the ratlines.

The waves begin to gain strength, taking longer to come but becoming massive in size. Enormous walls of roiling water loom over the ship, the crests curling and breaking. An avalanche of salty white foam tumbles down the steep face of the storm-created canyon.

The captain's voice booms out, "Tarpaulins and battens for the hatchways!" A curved white line races across the surface of the angry sea pursued by an awful blackness. In the moments before it reaches you, the ship's closely furled sails sag. The rain-sodden canvas suddenly losing its fullness as if bowing in defeat.

A tearing wall of air and water rips the sails from their bolt tops with an enormous howl. The ship rises on her beam-ends; darkness falls upon you as the world dissolves into a vast noise.

Air and water intermingle, there is no surface to the sea and the sky has vanished. The distinction between up and down no longer exists as the ships lies heavy on her side. Suddenly, she rights; taking a furious lee-lurch and wearing round.

A massive wave races swiftly toward you, the great green-grey wall of murky water towers above the taffrail with inevitable fury. You strain your neck trying see the top, leaning back as it curves beyond the vertical in its momentum, a beard of wind-torn spray flying out before it.

The Captain's voice tears from his throat, his order muffled by the roaring winds. The shredded jib and fore topmast staysail are hopelessly entangled with the bowsprit. The ship moves a trifle from its original course. The bow lifts sharply as it rises and tilts astern, the sudden incline making your footing on the rain-slicked boards precarious at best.

You pull your rigging knife from its sheath at the small of your back and struggle forward, a prayer to Drogor on your lips. Dimly you are aware of others struggling beside you to reach the entangled shrouds before they cause the ship to founder.

The mortal wave sweeps under the counter, dividing as the deluge smothers you up to the waist in foam and icy water. The ship wallows drunkenly in the trough, limping through the calmer water. The shrieking from the strained rigging subsides as the pressure slowly decreases.

The roll of the ship increases until the larboard cathead skims the water before righting. The monstrous waves sweep in from the west in an endless procession, each impossibly tall. The battered vessel bucks valiantly against the merciless water, the whole of the forecastle vanishing into the opaque depths with each violent plunge.

The raging wind switches direction like a temperamental child, lashing the skin with icy tendrils and screaming furiously.

Frothy plumes of water hurtle into the air on impact, as the very sea seems to crash into the beleaguered vessel. The wave takes the ship abaft the beam, slewing it around helplessly. As you cut the last of the lines free, the entangled mess tears away from the bowsprit, pulling you helplessly along with it.

A desperate hand grabs yours and hauls you back before the bow plunges again. You hit the deck hard as the next wave roars overhead, plunging you again into an icy darkness, yet the hand on yours never relents.

As you blink the salt from your eyes and gasp a deep lungful of air, you note the screaming wind begins to slowly subside, as if reluctantly mollified. The pitch drops in intensity though retains its presence, the force of it felt in a steady buffeting roar that no longer overwhelms the senses.

The hand releases yours and the skinny cabin boy, Fyrsh, laughs desperately, his face pale beneath his tan. His jest is lost in the howl of the winds. Giving you a final nod, he clambers to his feet and heads aft.

Suddenly the green mist parts and the current pulls the presence away, leaving you adrift in its wake. Your world returns to normal.

Another vision

( boards, 3/30/03 by OLSZEWSKIG)

The floor of the tavern is covered with sawdust. Fish-oil lamps, burning dimly throughout the building, give off a rank scent that is only a smidge better than the lingering smells of puke and spilt ale. The bar, with plenty of stools lined up beside it, takes up a majority of one wall. If you had the energy, perhaps you could reach the bottle of the Baron's rum lying on the floor beside you.

Is that the cabin boy, Aedem, over in the booth? Sure look like him, and the Syeran, plus a few of the older hands as well. Bah, there's a drop or two left in that bottle...

  • CRASH*

The bench barely misses your head.

"42*40'N 10*11'W. It'll be damn nigh calm enough and that's where it'll be!" There is the glint of steel in the low light as the cabin boy shows his teeth. "You're either in fer all or out fer naught. Decide now." With that, he slams the dagger into the wood of the table.

The other voices rise in what seems to be agreement, and the figures meander slowly from the booth and out into the moonlight.

Who was that girl over t'Tehya's earlier... Emma? Don't matter, a few Nadamian jewels an' she'll be yers sure enough.

Now where was that bottle?

A sharp clank by your head causes you to squint upwards into the light.

"A good night, eh Allum?" says the cabin boy in that mocking voice of his.

"Let's just hope ye was too drunk t'listen t'what ye oughtn't or too smart to heed what ye did, eh?" he says with a wink.

"Regardless, man, hold onto this, fer luck," he says pressing something into your upturned palm.

Eh, upturned? Well sure an' you're on the ground agin' ole son... now, where was that bottle?

You shove the shark's tooth into your sash as your fingers clamp down upon the neck of the Baron's Best.

Suddenly the green mist parts and the current pulls the presence away, leaving you adrift in its wake. Your world returns to normal.

You feel your heart shudder and almost stop before it begins beating to a strange rhythm.

Your heart continues beating its unnatural rhythm.

The shark's tooth glows momentarily.

You say, "I errr..saw something and was given this tooth"

You wave your shark's tooth around. look tooth

The greyed shark's tooth is crudely incised with the image of two crossed scimitars set above a star.

Your heart shudders, then resumes its normal rhythm. A cold grey light slowly lays bare the landscape about you as the sun rises, hidden behind heavy clouds.

The shark's tooth glows green for a moment, then spins til it seems to point west.

Gavyn ponders.

Gavyn asks, "You want to see where it's pointing?"

From here Gavyn and I followed where the tooth told us to go....till the sun rose....and it not longer directed us. I will try again at night.

Junzaa....Rissan Warrior Witch

Another vision

( boards, 4/5/2003)

This is a vision I had of Allum today, the bog was invaded with greater skeletons, lessers and Zombies again.

Green mist fills your vision, and the smell of tar and brine overwhelms you. When your vision clears you feel somehow different, as if you are caught in a strong current...

The bos'n glances back towards the quarterdeck and raises his whip. The Captain bares his teeth in a feral grin.

As you raise the bottle towards your lips, the alchemist whips a dagger from his sash and flings it into the mast just below the cabin boy's bound wrists. The *thunk* echoes hollowly across the deck for what seems an eternity before Drogor's own wrath seems to break loose across the deck.

Quick as you like, the cabin boy's free and whirling on the Bos'n. He ducks under the lash of the whip and gestures; a halo of fire flickers into being to hover around his neck and mouth. He inhales sharply and the bos'n's head is engulfed in a bolt of churning flame.

Without pausing, he slips the cutlass from the dead man's belt and strides aft, bellowing, "Leave him!" to the men rushing the quarterdeck. "That bastard's mine!" he cries, taking the stairs with a leap.

The bottle bounces on the deck as you fumble for the cutlass at your belt.

"Easy there, matey." The alchemist's voice is close, and you glance up in time to meet the pommel of his cutlass. There is a sharp pain, lights swim before your eyes and everything goes black.

There is a dull throbbing in your temple.

A rush of cold salt water jolts you fully awake.

Torchlight illuminates the carnage on the deck around you. A severed hand lies in a fiery pool of blood in front of your bound feet.

The cabin boy stands on the quarterdeck, his left arm hanging limply at his side. Blood flows freely from a cut on his forehead. His right hand grips the Captain's hair, his unconscious form dangling limply to the deck.

Rough hands drag you unceremoniously to your feet, and the business end of a cutlass prods you towards a flimsy plank which extends out over the black waters. The shark's tooth on its leather thong slips out from under your shirt.

"Not that one!" belts out the cabin boy, and the same hands pull you roughly back. "Toss him in the fo'ard hold."

"Syeran, get your arse back here and help me with this offal! I want him awake for what comes next!"

Drogor help you, but you wish you hadn't dropped that bottle.

Suddenly the green mist parts and the current pulls the presence away, leaving you adrift in its wake. Your world returns to normal.

Tooth hasn't acted up yet, Junzaa and I are still looking, wish us luck.


another vision

( boards, 4/11/2003)

Green mist fills your vision, and the smell of tar and brine overwhelms you. When your vision clears you feel somehow different, as if you are caught in a strong current...

>The floor of the tavern is covered with sawdust. Fish-oil lamps, burning dimly throughout the building, give off a rank scent that is only a smidge better than the lingering smells of puke and spilt ale. The bar, with plenty of stools lined up beside it, takes up a majority of one wall. You can hear the cabin boy's.. uh, the Captain's voice over the din.

"He's a good man, Kendyll," he says. "One of the best I've ever sailed with."

"Oh, aye, if he's sober" she says.

>What in the blue blazes does she know? Her da' was a right worthy bastard, but a woman...?

>"He's a good man, Kendyll," he says. "One of the best I've ever sailed

"Sign him on, Kendyll. The men know he wasn't with us, an' not against has no merit t' their way of thinkin' now."

> Drogor's teeth, Aedem. What's in this fer you, eh?"

Truth t'tell, nothin'."


"He taught me the stars."

Suddenly the green mist parts and the current pulls the presence away, leaving you adrift in its wake. Your world returns to normal.

A horrid nightmare
I was forced to endure some say I was singing of murder

another vision

( boards, 4/24/2003)

The mist came again tonight in the bog along with zombies and other undead. For sometime we fought them back while the mist danced aroung us almost seeming to decide who to choose. At one point it entered my nostrils and my throat and I actually saw myself gasp as though I were outside my body. Then came the vision......

Green mist fills your vision, and the smell of tar and brine overwhelms you. When your vision clears you feel somehow different, as if you are caught in a strong current...

Everything is perfectly familiar, from the smell of seawater and tarred rigging to the gentle heave of the deck underfoot, but the essence seems gone, and you feel like a stranger as you gaze across the harbor at the Black Star, your home for most of your life.

Granted, you're better off than most of the crew that hadn't been intimate with Aedem's plans from the beginning, and Kendyll is as competent as they come, but there's no denying the odd hollow in your chest...

To and fro, to and fro, she paces across the starboard quarterdeck, lithe as a jungle cat, with sparkling violet eyes and deep golden skin sprinkled here and there with freckles. Braided at the temples, her curly blue-black hair falls below her waist with windswept strands flying loose about her face. You tuck the bottle back into your sash, hoping she's not noticed. Motion on the Star catches your eye, and you train the spyglass on her quarterdeck.

Her new Captain is leaner than he was; his open, cheerful face has grown older, less full; it is now lined and habitually somber, with a touch of latent wickedness, and anyone used to the abrupt way of the sea can tell this is not a face to be trifled with. Aye, were such a man put out the blow would come without a moment's warning and be damned the consequences - dangerous, like Saller before, past caring.

To and fro, to and fro, looking towards shore at each turn, until with a quick grin, she says, "Mr. Bey, let us move outside the bar."

Aye aye, Ma'am. All hands to weigh anchor!

The quick cutting notes of the bos'n's call, the rush of feet that follows instantly, and the capstan bars are being shipped, pinned and swifted as quick as you like...

As the capstan turns and the ship glides across the harbor towards Riss, someone strikes up a shanty.

"Up and down, ma'am," comes the call from the forecastle.

"Foretopmen," barks Kendyll, "Away aloft." The foreshrouds are dark with racing men. "Let fall: let fall."

The topsail flashes out, the larboard watch sheets it home and without word races to the halyards. The yard rises smoothly, the foretopsail fills and with just enough way on to trip her anchor, the Ornery Wench starts a pure, leisurely curve and stands for the bar, away for Riss and Tusfaov's fabled treasures...

Suddenly the green mists part and the current pulls the presence away, leaving you adrift in its wake. Your world returns to normal.

The mists drift away on the night breeze.

I'm told I spoke or sang but I don't recall any of that.

Allum is freed from the skull charm

( boards, 5/4/03 by GENNERON)

Wow, where to start, I know I came in a little bit past the start, but I ran to meet up with Junzaa and it seemed to kick off right away.

I ran to the Cypress in the bog, the undead were invading again, typical critters, greater skeletons, lesser skels, Zombies and dark spirits. A rather motley crew, so I jumped in with Junzaa, Deloria and Mendasity and started hacking away. As we were battling Junzaa's pack started to glow and flash with green light, during this time Deloria had another vision, which she will be posting soon. But anyways, Junzaa's pack was flashing and it was the sharks tooth that started leading us into the forlorn hope again but this time, it kept going up a ledge around the pool and over the river and through the woods. And it eventually lead us all to Allums skull, yes, I said Allum's skull. Junzaa and I tried to take it, and we got sucked inside of it:

[A Very Odd Room] The room is cave-like, with strangely curving walls, as if one were inside a large bubble. On one side are two circular openings in the ivory-colored wall, almost blocked by what look like round black stones.

Very odd room indeed, we were trying everything, digging, hacking prying pushing pulling but to no avail. Meanwhile Menda and Deloria were outside attempting to figure out what the heck was going on, while getting attacked by more DS and Zombies. Eventually they touched the skull and were sucked in as well, not after deloria managed to thump the skull a few times and damage it, unknown to us at the time.

So here we all are trapped inside the skull trying to figure out this process, what the heck are we supposed to do. Finally Junzaa sends her lil Lynx over to grab up relayer because he knew exactly where the area we were in was, he came along and started whacking away on it with his holy weapon and lo and behold suddenly:

The world seems to explode around you! Jagged cracks appear in the walls, floor, and ceiling, and the fragments of the shattered room fly away from you. Your eyes refuse to focus in the swirl of debris, but you feel a strange sensation, as if your whole body were swelling.

Shortly thereafter we were presented with this vision:

The ghostly form of Allum Beye materializes before you. With a voice that sounds like the crashing of waves on a distant shore, it says, "Free " With a broad grin, the figure suddenly bursts into thousands of motes of white light, which drift upwards and fade away.

It gave me a warm feeling to see him free like that, and I hope he stays that way, but I have a feeling Aedem isn't going to be too happy at all with us.


P.S. A very HUGE thanks to Tsem, Meriel and Bart. I had a great time with this event and was very, very happy to be there at it's beginning and it's end. I don't know what else to say but THANK YOU for taking the time to make the game what it is.