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{{ShopItem|t=i|mechanical silver ghost covered in translucent gauze|3500}}
{{ShopItem|t=i|mechanical silver ghost covered in translucent gauze|3500}}
{{ShopItem|t=i|gold-plated mechanical cougar with onyx eyes|7000}}
{{ShopItem|t=i|gold-plated mechanical cougar with onyx eyes|7000}}
{{ShopItem|t=i|wind-up copper dragon with gears|each joint|3000}}
{{ShopItem|t=i|wind-up copper dragon with gears for each joint|3000}}
{{ShopItem|t=i|long-legged mechanical octopus|3500}}
{{ShopItem|t=i|long-legged mechanical octopus|3500}}
{{ShopItem|t=i|bronze mechanical mosquito with long legs|4000}}
{{ShopItem|t=i|bronze mechanical mosquito with long legs|4000}}

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All Wound Up
Event Hollow Eve Festival 410
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Toy shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[All Wound Up, Sales Floor]
Immaculately clean, the grey metal walls and bare floor shine in the light of the hanging lantern above. The spacious area is underutilized, as only a tall table and dented pine chest sit on the floor. Attached to the wall is a toy shelf, displaying all kinds of whimsical mechanical creations. You also see a colorful curtain and a glass display case with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the toy shelf
Item Price Done
hulking mechanical troll sporting locks of boar hair 500   
mechanical toad covered in speckled cotton 500   
mechanical morah vine covered in iron thorns 600   
mechanical goblin brandishing a tiny club 700   
mechanical bucket of viscous gloop 500   
blackened mechanical raven with glass eyes 600   
rotting mechanical ghoul with outstretched arms 600   
mechanical fenrae reaver brandishing a tiny cudgel 600   
mechanical wind hound painted a bright red hue 700   
On the tall table
Item Price Done
mechanical silver ghost covered in translucent gauze 3500   
gold-plated mechanical cougar with onyx eyes 7000   
wind-up copper dragon with gears for each joint 3000   
long-legged mechanical octopus 3500   
bronze mechanical mosquito with long legs 4000   
toy snake with smooth leather skin 3000   
mechanical tree frog with brightly colored skin 6500   
mechanical guardsman wearing gleaming plate armor 3000   
delicate mechanical oak tree with paper-thin copper and tin leaves 3750   
In the pine chest
Item Price Done
tarnished mechanical moth 400   
mechanical tin wolf 350   
rusted mechanical mudman 110   
mechanical horse covered in plush brown fabric 600   
mechanical fish with an oversized tail 200   
tarnished copper gryphon 700   
mechanical boar with blunted tusks 350   
mechanical songbird with a single tail feather 200   
discolored mechanical penguin with gears exposed in its belly 350   
anthropomorphized hornet wearing a big pink bow 120   
On the display case
Item Price Done
mechanical toy spider made of polished brass 4 tickets   
mechanical toy spider with only seven legs 1 tickets   
copper toy spider with wire legs 3 tickets   
steel toy spider with ruby eyes 45 tickets   
gold toy spider with onyx eyes 80 tickets   
black iron spider inset with a multitude of glittering gemstones 100 tickets   !!