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Alisele Daekai
Status: Alive
Guild: Unknown
Race: Elothean
Gender: Female
Associates: Kukalakai

Former handmaiden to Ferdahl Kukalakai.


You see Asuneloa Alisele Daekai, an Elothean.
She has tilted almond-shaped green eyes. Her strawberry hair is shoulder length and fine, and is worn loose. She has fair skin.
She is in her prime for an Elothean.

She is wearing a two-layered robe of sea green silk upon deep rose adorned with golden embroidery along its tiered hems, some golden slippers adorned with fanciful flower-themed embroidery, a flowing skirt of crisp seafoam silk trimmed with shimmering gold and rose beadwork, a dainty silk sack and a delicate bracelet comprised of many strands of whisper-thin gold chains.