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Status: Alive
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Type: greeter

Appearance in 443

You see Alganice, a Merelew.
She has clear eyes and a single swath of white hair that grows from the center of her scalp. It is very long peppered hair that is pushed to the left side of her head, and grey scales cover her body from head to toe.
She is in good shape.

Alganice's hands are empty but you notice her fingers are slightly webbed.
She is wearing a supple sharkskin backpack, a pair of mother-of-pearl earrings, a Greeter badge, an ecru silk shell adorned with carved coral beads, a cozy cat carrier covered in complicated pockets, a light violet silk sack with a scuffed iron clasp, a delicate blue gauze skirt with a linen underskirt and some mother-of-pearl inlaid slippers.

Appearance in 432

You see Alganice, an Human.
Her head has been turned into that of a tabby cat, complete with slightly tufted ears and a set of delicate whiskers.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a Greeter badge, a black robe devoid of ornamentation, an elaborately detailed mask depicting the avatar of Tamsine and a light violet silk sack with a scuffed iron clasp.

You glance at Alganice and inhale suddenly, wondering if this is not some kind of sign!

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