Albino forest leech

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Albino forest leeches are found in the Faldesu Inlet outside Throne City. They cause vitality and fatigue damage over time along with small wounds, slowly getting bigger until they are fully gorged, and will fall off and slither away if not tended off.

These parasites can attach to any body part, regardless of being standing or prone, and regardless of armor or no armor.


The forest leech has four sharp spurs acutely angled on its back. These spurs likely help the leech snag passing animals in the moist undergrowth of the Thayergraben wilderness.


  • You carelessly attempt to remove the forest leech from your right eye aggravating the wound, leaving it more severe than before.
  • You deftly remove the forest leech from your left arm popping the spurs free but leaving the wound no worse than it was.
  • You expertly remove the forest leech from your left arm gently, carefully twisting its spurs so that the wound is no worse than it was before.

Skill Range

While it appears that all parasites will continue to teach to high ranks, possibly indefinitely, each one varies slightly as far as base skill. From this, one can also assume that there is a soft cap where they stop teaching 'at level'. The following table presents information on those skill ranges:

base skill needed soft cap still teaches at
Empathy skill n/a  ?  ?
First Aid skill 100?  ?  ?
Animal Lore skill n/a n/a 54
Skinning skill n/a  ?  ?

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