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After Victory (AV) is used as part of the Elanthian calendar. It is meant to denote dates after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer over the Elven leader Teiro in the Resistance War that signaled the end of the Empire of the Seven Pointed Star.

Calendar Error

However, according to the Elanthian Timeline, it appears Lanival defeated Teiro at the end of the Resistance War in the Year 236 Before Victory. Another 235 years would pass before the actual Year 0 that marks the switch between "Before Victory" and "After Victory."

Explanation by player Shavay (10/23/2007): When the timeline was given out at SimuCon (probably in 2000), GameMaster Cadaya (History guru) said this is an intentional "flaw" in the calendar: This was an error in history by the inventors of the calendar in the aftermath of the Dragon's Empire. While some scholars later discovered the discrepancy, the system had been in use for some time and changing the nomenclature served no real purpose.