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Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime



You see Prophetic Warrior Aerathor, Infiltration Specialist of the Monks, a Human.
An austere uaro's'sugi of unadorned black Musparan silk is folded to obscure Aerathor's face, hiding all but a narrow strip of tanned skin around his eyes.
He is very tall for a Human. He has a lean build.

He is wearing a flowing martial artist's headband embroidered with a blazing sun, a flowing martial artist's robe embroidered with a golden scaled serpent, a gleaming haralun quarterstaff, a leather weapon harness with polished brass buckles and fittings, a black leather naphtha holder with vial slots stitched to the sides and some battered leather sandals with frayed straps splattered by melted candle wax


After being orphaned during the Sorrow War, Aerathor spent his time living as a vagabond on the streets of The Crossing.
It was during this tumultuous time that he chose to become a monk of the crystal hand and seek tutelage from the moon mages.
After growing up barely scraping by and nearly always hungry, Aerathor has developed a deep empathy for the lost children of Elanthia and strives to make the streets and world a safer place for those growing up without a home or family. Seeing great disparity in the distribution of wealth has also led him to believe many are used by those with wealth with no compensation and seeks to open minds around himself to the issue.


  • Spent the majority of his life on Ratha and the other islands of Qi'Reshalia training his mind and body in the arts of war.
  • Joined the Monks of the Crystal Hand at an early age, rose to an Ascetic by age 19.
  • Enjoy's Oshu'mary tea and smoking and they are two of the three luxuries he allows himself on a regular basis. The third is a hot bath.
  • Is seeking answers to the strange recent events surrounding Tiv and the connection that may exist to the Arbiter.
  • Believes in the existence of a nameless creative force that is responsible for all life and awareness in existence in all the various planes.
  • Has changed over time, his once calm demeanor has been replaced with one of unrest.
  • Has grown increasingly passionate about reforms within the Lunar Accord.
  • Seeks to increase the wealth and respect of his guild