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One of the first Dwarven nations, spanning the Hiimarhand Shel, which lie to the south of Ilithi. The Hiimarhand Shel connect Kermoria and Albaria. Adamantia's capital was HighHold. Unlike the other Dwarven nations, Adamantia never became part of the Seven Star Empire. Adamantia, for centuries, was the capital of all dwarfdom. However, it was eventually eclipsed and considered too remote as the dwarves shifted northward into the other Kingdoms.

It is now overrun by the demon forest Dark Hand, with the ruins of High Hold having been occupied by the Gorbesh during the Gorbesh War.

Kings of Adamantia

Quick Summary

  • Status: Fallen
  • Capital: High Hold
  • Period: 5000??BL - 158BL


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