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DragonRealms currently has three account types.

  1. Free to Play accounts. (Also known as F2P, and referred to as "explorers" in character.)
  2. Standard accounts.
  3. Premium accounts. (Also known as Estate Holders in character.)

Account Comparison Table

Feature Free To Play Basic Subscription Premium Subscription Platinum Subscription Fallen Subscription
monthly price free $14.95 $39.95 $49.95 $19.951
characters per account 1 1 16 25 1
guild restrictions Empath, Trader, Necromancer no no no no
additional spell/ability slots 0 24 2 2 0
additional khri slots 0 15 1 1 0
travel restrictions Zoluren only2 no no no no
inventory slots 47 82 97 97 82
inventory limit 1002 500 500 500 500
vault limit 02 1502 200+2, 3 200+2, 3 1002
bank account restrictions 10 platinum2 no no no no
vault/bank books no2 no2 yes yes no
Box Office discount no no 10% 10% no
monthly SimuCoin bonus no 150 525 750 150
SimuCoin purchase bonus6 no no additional 10% additional 10% no
experience absorption throttled2 full full full full
offline experience drain no2 yes yes yes yes
home ownership no2 no2 yes yes no2
monthly Long Term Benefits no no 100 200 no
private areas including additional hunting areas no no yes yes no
Fang Cove access no no yes yes no
monthly gift and raffle no no yes yes no
regular GM meetings no no quarterly monthly no
CONVERT Mechanical Lore no yes yes yes yes
  • It is NOT possible to downgrade to Free to Play.
  • Platinum subscribers receive all Premium benefits in both the DR Prime and Fallen instances.
  1. DragonRealms Fallen requires the basic subscription, and an additional $5.00 a month.
    Premium perks do work in DR Fallen if you are paying for a Premium Account type.
    Platinum accounts receive access to DR Fallen as part of their subscription.
  2. Additional access to this feature can be unlocked via the SIMUCOIN store.
  3. Premium and Platinum accounts receive additional vault space as a long term benefit. See the Estate Holder page for details.
  4. Subscribed accounts get 1 additional slot, and earn a second at 500 ranks in their primary/inner magic. Premium accounts get 2 additional slots immediately.
  5. Subscribed accounts earn 1 additional khri slot at 500 IM.
  6. Unlike the 10% discount for box office purchases; the SimuCoin purchase bonus results in an additional 10% amount of SimuCoins added to your purchase.


Feature Price
Extra character $2.50/character
Character transfer $20
Character restoral $250
Quests / Festivals Varies1
Private quest Varies2
  1. The cost of each quest is set individually. Premium and Platinum subscribers receive a 10% discount on quest tickets.
  2. Private quest runs requiring a password can be requested by contacting Customer Support a week in advance. The cost of each quest ticket is the same as scheduled public runs, however, a $5.00 service charge per transaction may apply.[1]