Abu Hassan Ali ibn Bekar's Fineries (2)

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Abu Hassan Ali ibn Bekar's Fineries
Event Guildfest 401, Guildfest 409, Guildfest 412, Guildfest 416, Guildfest 423, Guildfest 431, Guildfest 438, Guildfest 445
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Barbarian shops, Bard shops, Cleric shops, Empath shops, Moon Mage shops, Paladin shops, Ranger shops, Thief shops, Trader shops, Warrior Mage shops, Clothing shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Abu Hassan Ali ibn Bekar's Fineries]
A swirl of translucent fabrics, a hint of distant aromatic spices serve notice of the exotic goods in this tent. Large stuffed pillows lie scattered about the floor. They seem to animate in the flickering dance of a single torch, suspended in an iron brazier from above. Abu Hassan sits immersed in his own finery, watching his clerks transact business.
You also see a tent flap, a gold earring stand with several things on it, a crystal rack with several things on it, a glass case, an inlaid marble tripod with several things on it and a fur-lined tray with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the earring stand
Item Price Done
thief's silver earring that resembles a pair of swiftly flying feet as it swings back and forth 2,800   
white silver cleric's earring shaped as two hands raised in benediction 2,800   
golden empath earring that displays glowing hands gently clasping a small night-blue sapphire 50,000   
paladin's earring shaped like a burnished gold longsword and thrust through the earlobe 40,000   
disk-shaped moon mage's white gold earring that appears to shift through moon phases in the light 40,000   
trader's hoop earring threaded with a dangling gold nugget 40,000   
warrior mage's earring depicting platinum sword and lightning bolt joined in harmony 50,000   
ranger's onyx earring shaped like a masked raccoon clutching a tiny longbow 30,000   
bard's earring displaying a pair of linked jeweled masks for comedy and tragedy 24,000   
barbarian's earring carved from kertig to resemble a tiny forge 40,000   
On the crystal rack
Item Price Done
scarlet wimple befringed with pear-shaped seed pearls 6,000   
fanciful feathered fur-lined brown hood 5,000   
exquisitely crafted golden fillet 22,000   
opalescent herringbone barbette 5,000   
silver-threaded crespin interlaced with peridot stars 5,000   
scholar's black silken skullcap with gold threading 5,000   
flowing emerald snood encased in a cascade of blood red garnets 5,000   
deep blue wimple encased in flowing veils like midnight 5,000   
soft white doeskin hood threaded by a delicate halo of intertwined golden silk 6,000   
In the glass case
Item Price Done
tightly fitted doehide leggings 2,000   
scarlet-colored leather tights engraved with leaping orange flames 1,700   
midnight black tights covered with grinning interlaced skulls 2,000   
black leather leggings striped with white satin 1,800   
thigh-length dryad-skin boots 5,000   
On the marble tripod
Item Price Done
barbarian's black eyepatch covered in vulture feathers to simulate a bird of prey 2,000   
moon mage's silver eyepatch inscribed with astrological symbols highlighted in diamond dust 5,000   
empath's eyepatch colorfully embroidered on white satin with a pattern of healing herbs 2,000   
trader's eyepatch made entirely of finely spun golden thread and shaped like a nugget 7,000   
bard's blue eyepatch engraved with the silver image of a lute 3,000   
ranger's green eyepatch emblazoned with a gleaming golden arrow 2,800   
warrior mage's red eyepatch engraved with the image of a fire ball 2,800   
paladin's shield-shaped eyepatch embossed with the image of a clenched gauntlet 2,000   
black and white thief's eyepatch with vertical stripes resembling the bars of a prison cell 2,000   
cleric's pale silk eyepatch embroidered in delicate spun-gold with bolts of holy fire 5,000   
On the fur-lined tray
Item Price Done
moon mage's wristlet of beaded gold covered in an array of multi-colored crystal shards 12,000   
paladin's wristlet etched in silver with the pattern of a clenched gauntlet 6,000   
thief's wristlet forged of blackened steel to pass for a manacle with a dangling broken chain 1,000   
cleric's wristlet carved from fine gold to resemble a well-used prayer scroll 14,000   
empath's wristlet of filigreed silver covered in gems the color of freshly spilled blood 6,000   
ranger's wristlet of fur-lined rawhide supported by branches of barbed wire 6,000   
bard's wristlet of carved onyx musical notes that flow together like a symphony 10,000   
warrior mage's wristlet intricately carved to resemble an inferno of red-gold flames 30,000   
wide trader's wristlet covered in a multitude of shiny gold nuggets 12,000   
barbarian's wristlet made of cured kelpie leather and interlaced goblin bones 12,000