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A potent and, in most variations, a hallucinogenic drink.


A number of different hallucinogens are possible when drinking this beverage:

  • You take a sip of the absinthe. A sparkly pink bunny covered with colorful ribbons bounces up to you with a smile. Just as it puckers up to give you a smooch, a ball of grey fur jumps hissing from behind it. With a pathetic whimper, the bunny hops away, leaving the cat purring happily.
  • You take a sip of the absinthe. The vision of two gorgeous women cloud your eyes. Their beauty is so profound, you fall to your knees in awe.
  • You take a sip of the absinthe. From out of nowhere, a giant grizzled paw slams into your throat! You grab your neck, momentarily unable to speak. A rumbling laugh surrounds you, and you find you can talk again.
  • You take a sip of the absinthe. You see a dragon wearing pink polka dot pajamas dancing with a giant green teddy bear!
  • You take a sip of the absinthe. You see a Gnome giving a Kaldar a piggieback ride in the sky!
  • You take a sip of the absinthe. You see a glowing green fairy that flies around your head sprinkling glittery dust all over you!


 Rare itemSource
Item:Ain Ghazal absinthefalseRiver Fisher
Item:Pale-green Deadly Dreams absinthefalseIronwood bootlegger's crate reinforced with steel bands
Green absinthefalseTepid Faldesu
Red absinthetrueCookie Emporium
Item:Bottle of yesterday's absinthetrue
Vat of absinthe labeled RAINBOW FAIRY upside down in higgledy-piggledy scripttrueFair Faire Fare (3)
Fair Faire Fare (4)
Dark red absinthetrueDrathrok's Duskruin (location)
Glowing absinthetrueChris' Mass, Log Cabin (1)
House of the Floating Reed (location)
Engine Room Roasting Pit (3)
Chris' Mass, Log Cabin (2)
Dirty canvas sack embroidered with a gladiolus blossom
Silvery Tamsine's Tears absinthetrueRaven's Court