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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

Search by property

A list of all pages that have property "Description is" with value "Used to file a complaint with guards after catching someone stealing.". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Bow command  + (The bow command is used to show respect, disdain, and everything in between. Elotheans have additional options.)
  • Brush command  + (The brush command can be used to untangle hair and manes with a comb or brush of some sort in hand. The hair or mane must be untied.)
  • Sacrifice command  + (The sacrifice command has special meaning for Clerics, plus additional role-playing usage.)
  • Say command  + (This command is used to speak with other p
    This command is used to speak with other players. Depending on the punctuation at the end of your message, your character may "say", "ask", or "exclaim." The first letter of what you <tt>SAY</tt> is automatically capitalized, and a full-stop is added if you enter no other end punctuation. The parser does not affect the capitalization or punctuation of internal sentence breaks.
    r punctuation of internal sentence breaks.)
  • Flirt command  + (To try and woo someone. How successful you are depends on their demeanor towards you. Special messaging for S'kra Mur.)
  • Trim command  + (Trim facial hair. Trim other things?)
  • Apply command  + (Use healing herbs to heal yourself or another person.)
  • Tie command  + (Used for a variety of contexts, including: tying weapon straps to weapons, arranging a character's hair, and tying off gem pouches.)
  • Pace command  + (Used primarily by Rangers to check room environmental conditions that influence their Wilderness bonus and Spell efficacy.)
  • Kneel command  + (Used to change your character's relative position to the ground. Certain areas must be navigated in the kneeling position by tall characters. Some objects like chairs, benches, and couches can be knelt upon.)
  • Whisper command  + (Used to communicate privately with other players in the room. Optionally, you may allow the other players in the room to see that you are whispering something.)
  • Agree command  + (Used to confirm a variety of conditions.)
  • Inhale command  + (Used to draw in a breath or air, or, while smoking a cigar or pipe, to draw in smoke (thus to exhale into many patterns or images.))
  • Listen command  + (Used to enter into a class; additional role-play messaging.)
  • Accuse command  + (Used to file a complaint with guards after catching someone stealing.)
  • Ambush command  + (Used to initiate an attack from hiding.)
  • Pull command  + (Used to interact with many items and things in the environment; additional role-playing usage to pull your hair or pull players closer.<br />)
  • Shape command  + (Used to manipulate materials in the Shaping discipline; role-playing command to groom a beard; manipulate the moonblade spell pattern.)
  • Perform command  + (Used to perform Thanatological rituals.)
  • Forage command  + (Used to search out a single item from the surroundings based on the Outdoorsmanship skill.)
  • Remove command  + (Used to take off a worn item. May also be used to manipulate facial hair.)
  • Dig command  + (Used to unearth graves and excavation sites, and can be used to role play digging at the ground.)
  • Hello command  + (Verb intended to help newcomers attempting to interact by typing 'hello'.)
  • Waggle command  + (Waggle your fingers at a person or object.)
  • Aft command  + (When on a boat, will move a character one "room" toward the rear of the boat.)
  • Splash command  + (While in water, such as a brook or river, you can use the verb to roleplay that you're splashing about.)
  • Swim command  + (While in water, such as a brook or river, you can use the verb to roleplay that you're swimming about. When paired with a direction, such as <tt>SWIM NORTH</tt>, it's an alias for moving in that direction.)
  • Whistle command  + (Whistling, with guild-specific actions for Bards and Rangers.)