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Symbol Tags Ambiguous Tags
Combat Properties
Type: (What type of armor it is, based of EXP SKILL names.)
Areas Protected: (control+click to select more than one.}
Hindrance: Stealth Hindrance:
  Absorbance (Default):
(Values, by damage type, can be specified below. Anything left blank will use THIS value.)
Puncture Protection: Absorbance:
Slice Protection: Absorbance:
Impact Protection: Absorbance:
Fire Protection: Absorbance:
Cold Protection: Absorbance:
Electricity Protection: Absorbance:
Basic Properties
Construction / Metal?: Weight:
Length Width Height
Enchantment Properties
Potency Complexity Precision
Grade Bonus
Flare Decoration
Glamour Decoration
Trade Properties
Appraised Cost: (In kronars only)
Source: Cost: (Including currency type.) Source Type: (- to disable)
Special Properties
Property: (Any special properties of the armor.)

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