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Item:Coil of silken rope composed of sticky webbing + Uses┬ámaterial
Item:Abyssal black bag webbed in fragile silver-tinged wildlace + , Item:Articulated gold bracer studded with cambrinth lightning bolts + , Item:Banded grass spider with long spinnerets + , Item:Black beaded handbag set with a silver spider clasp + , Item:Black eyepatch with a spiderweb embroidered in silver thread upon the surface + , Weapon:Black ironwood slurbow adorned by a web-etched red gold barrel + , Item:Black linen robe adorned with the spider of Harawep + , Item:Black marble mortar painted with a shimmering silver web + , Item:Black onyx spider with an intricate white web design on its abdomen + , Item:Black silk wrapped gown with a sheer grey overlay sprinkled with dusky crystal shards + , Item:Black socks shot through with silver strands forming intricate webs + , Item:Black spidersilk cookie sack clasped with a silvery web + , Item:Black thigh pouch with a delicate silver cobweb overlay + , Item:Black vest with a white spider web embroidered on its pocket + , Weapon:Black walnut slurbow with a web patterned stock + , Item:Black-veined jade drop earrings encased in a silver web + , Weapon:Blackened steel bastard sword with a carved spider pommel + , Item:Blue-white ihean mysanda snugly secured to a brilliant silversteel armband + , Item:Bone recorder criss-crossed with an elaborate web + , Item:Bone-edged black leather pack in the form of a coffin + ... Uses┬ásymbol


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