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Weapon:Admiral's cutlass with a fancifully engraved hilt + , Item:Anklet of blue and white beads interspersed with mournfully toned bells + , Item:Anlora-avtoma choker patterned with flames + , Item:Aquamarine gem pouch sewn with the image of a dolphins leaping through whitecaps + , Item:Aquamarine pendant carved to resemble a curling wave + , Item:Aquamarine watersilk cloak patterned to resemble cresting waves + , Armor:Blue field plate armor set with a disc on the chest + , Armor:Blue suede tunic lined with chainmail + , Armor:Blue-tinted hauberk with iron pauldrons + , Armor:Glittering chain coif with a wave pattern worked into it in blue steel links + , Armor:Pair of sapphire-blue leather gloves embellished with a wave pattern along the cuffs + , Armor:Pair of sapphire-blue platemail gauntlets set with a small disc + , Armor:Pair of sapphire-tinted mail gloves set with a small disc + , Armor:Polished chain gloves with a wave pattern worked into them in blue steel links + , Armor:Sapphire-blue balaclava with black tinted links that form a repeating wave pattern + , Armor:Sapphire-blue helm engraved with a rolling wave pattern + , Armor:Sapphire-blue leathers painted with a wave pattern + , Armor:Set of chain handguards with mother-of-pearl trim + , Item:Azure hip pouch with the image of cresting waves picked out in crystal beading + , Shield:Azure target shield embellished with silver anchors + ... Uses┬ásymbol


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