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Has item property Rakash style  +
Material type is metals  +
Provided for alterations true  +
Race association is Concept:Rakash +
Rarity is special  +
Uses color translucent  + , black  +
Has query
"Has query" is a predefined property that represents meta information (in form of a subobject) about individual queries.
Tursa + , Tursa +
Categories Metals , Materials
Modification date
This property is a special property in this wiki.
4 July 2021 20:08:50  +
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Post:Newly released rare metals and gems from near Siksraja! - 05/10/2016 - 16:08 + Post relates to
Armor:Battle odaj crafted from intricately connected tursa links atop silvery cloth + , Item:Cambrinth sea urchin with tursa-tipped spikes + , Item:Commemorative coin with rippled edges + , Item:Dainty tursa tabla trimmed with tasialm + , Item:Dark tursa storm cloud pierced by bolts of Dalterein diamond + , Item:Dark tursa storm cloud pierced by bolts of dalterein diamond + , Item:Delicate bracelet of interlocking striped seaperch + , Item:Delicately braided tursa choker suspending a single black diamond disc + , Item:Fragile blossom with delicate petals + , Item:Frosted seaglass cowbell inlaid with sea-calves along the rim + , Weapon:Giant tursa pole axe inlaid in asini + , Weapon:Greathammer of deepest shadow-black tursa + , Weapon:Grusana kaft forged in viridian tursa + , Weapon:Gutting knife with a dark sanguine tursa blade + , Item:Hammered toe bells in the shape of blossoms + , Hollow Eve Festival 436/Game prizes/Material options + , Item:Interlocking miniature tridents + , Armor:Massive tel'athi battle armor with a lush viridian estrildite set into the chestplate + , Item:Pilgrim's badge sculpted with the emblem of an Immortal + , Item:Polished cane entangled by a sprawling kraken + ... Uses material


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