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Has query
"Has query" is a predefined property that represents meta information (in form of a subobject) about individual queries.
Sword + , Sword +
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This property is a special property in this wiki.
10 February 2012 02:30:54  +
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Weapon:Bastard sword of mirror-finished steel with a star sapphire pommel (2) + , Weapon:Bastard sword with wormwood leaves and flowers engraved along the blade + , Weapon:Black steel sword + , Weapon:Blackened sword etched with a multitude of severed heads + , Weapon:Blackened-steel war sword with icesteel-inlaid etchings along the blade + , Weapon:Blued steel sword + , Weapon:Bright steel bastard sword with a platinum crossbar carved into a pair of curling ram horns + , Weapon:Cedar-hilted short sword with an engraved blade + , Weapon:Cracked bone-hilted sword + , Weapon:Crystal-bone hand sword + , Weapon:Curve-bladed sword engraved with a pair of seven-pointed stars + , Weapon:Damascened leaf-bladed sword with a crown-shaped gold pommel + , Weapon:Damascened steel bastard sword with a black gold hilt + , Weapon:Damascened steel knight's sword + , Weapon:Damascened steel war sword with kertig wolf's head langets + , Weapon:Damite war sword with an orichalcum-filigreed hilt + , Weapon:Dark crimson sword etched with niello lightning + , Weapon:Dark crimson sword etched with spidery lightning + , Weapon:Darkened Imperial bastard sword + , Weapon:Deobar-hilted short sword with a beautifully engraved blade + ... Item type is
Item:Animite cloak pin engraved with the crest of the Warrior Mage Guild + , Armor:Darkly tinted hauberk with iron pauldrons + , Armor:Green-tinted hauberk with iron pauldrons + , Armor:Plate vambraces lined with soft lambswool and etched with an ebony emblem + , Armor:Rectangular-shaped helm stamped with the Barbarian guild crest + , Armor:Silvered chain woven over the heart with steelsilk links forming a white dove bearing a broken sword + , Armor:White-tinted hauberk with iron pauldrons + , Item:Armored paladin doll + , Armor:Armure tabard with sturdy vardite pauldrons + , Item:Articulated Paladin statuette armed with an ornate greatsword + , Armor:Articulated blued steel crinnet trimmed with gold + , Item:Barbarian agate + , Item:Barbarian gingerbread pillow + , Item:Bite-sized stuffed pepper wrapped in streaky bacon and skewered on a little sword-shaped stick + , Item:Black armband embroidered in golden thread with the symbol of the Zoluren Expeditionary Force + , Item:Black cotton apron embroidered with brown goblin-shaped cookies + , Item:Black dragon amulet clasping a jet sword + , Item:Black ironwood hair brush inlaid with a golden shield + , Item:Black velvet cloak embroidered with a hissing serpent coiled around a sword + , Item:Black wool cloak with a silver sword clasp + ... Uses symbol


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