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Item:Almond crescent moon lightly dusted with powdered sugar + , Item:Apple pie decorated with the words "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" + , Item:Apple-filled snickerdoodle sprinkled with cinnamon-sugar + , Item:Apricot pie decorated with the words "WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?" + , Item:Banana cream pie decorated with the word "TAG!" + , Item:Blue cloud-shaped jelly bean + , Item:Blueberry pie decorated with the words "I LOVE YOU" + , Item:Bone-shaped sugar cookie + , Item:Bouquet of taffy flowers bound by spun red sugar + , Item:Bowl of sugared fudge ice + , Item:Braided black licorice ring covered in sparkling sugar diamonds + , Item:Brandied strawberry cupcake glazed in white chocolate icing topped with crystalline sugar + , Item:Bright yellow sugar sun wearing black licorice goggles + , Item:Brown sugar jerky + , Item:Brown sugar ship with frosted tiny oars and sails + , Item:Brown sugar tart + , Item:Brown-sugared apples + , Item:Burnt orange sugar flame tipped with golden sprinkles + , Item:Cherry pie decorated with the words "HI THERE!" + , Item:Chewy dark molasses cookie with sugar sprinkled on top + ... Uses┬ámaterial
Item:Brown sugar tart + , Item:Dark green frosted sugar cookies shaped like pickles on a ceramic plate + , Item:Diamond-dusted cambrinth strawberry with green sapphire leaves + , Item:Small sphere of sugar + , Item:Sugar-coated spice drops + , Item:Sugar-cured roast duck with a fresh raspberry sauce + , Item:Sugar-cured roast duck with a raspberry and hhyssk'et sauce + , Item:Sugar-glazed miniature cake + , Item:White frosted sugar cookies shaped like otters on a ceramic plate + Uses┬ásymbol


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