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Armor:Sky blue great helm embellished with diamond dust in the shape of snowflakes + , Armor:Suit of blue-grey lamellar plate lacquered with images of a driving rainstorm + , Item:Austere steely blue kimono cut to display a Longleaf lotusweave under-robe + , Item:Austere stormsilk pouch clasped with a starsteel lightning bolt + , Item:Belted sash of windstorm gossamer accented with a stormfire topaz medallion + , Weapon:Blackened steel scythe etched along the blade with dark storm clouds + , Weapon:Blackened-steel bastard sword etched with a silvery storm cloud + , Item:Coral shintu engraved with a stormy sea + , Item:Dainty stormy-blue winterweave ball gown patterned with silver-lined clouds + , Item:Dark grey cloak silkscreened with a repeating pattern of soaring eagles + , Item:Dark grey mistsilk pants + , Item:Dark inkpot painted with storm-battered ship + , Item:Dark tursa storm cloud pierced by bolts of Dalterein diamond + , Item:Darkened silver ring inlaid with bolts of cambrinth lightning + , Item:Deep green saddle blanket edged with a silvery-grey stormcloud pattern + , Armor:Deep grey chain hauberk with a design of storm clouds on the chest + , Item:Deep purple satin sarrak overlaid with a thin film of golden lace + , Item:Deeply hooded cloak of black silk lined in silvery-grey + , Item:Driftwood sculpture depicting a ship upon a raging sea + , Item:Drogor's Wrath sapphire + ... Uses┬ásymbol


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