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Weapon:Gold-hued star + , Weapon:Silver-edged star + Item type is
Armor:Thick black gloves emblazoned with the crest of the Moon Mage Guild (1) + , Armor:Black gauntlets embellished with golden seven-pointed stars + , Item:Celestial blue toe socks stitched with silver stars + , Item:Dark blue sleeveless gown with a silver spidersilk bodice + , Item:Deep blue velvet vanity case embroidered with a galaxy of stars + , Item:Delicate platinum armband hung with a constellation of tiny stars + , Item:Ebon-framed painting + , Armor:Gleaming plate gauntlets accented with golden seven-pointed stars + , Armor:Golden Imperial battle armor inlaid with animite seven-pointed stars + , Item:Hammered copper band encircled with tiny cambrinth stars + , Weapon:Ironwood-hafted hand axe + , Item:Celestial blue toe socks stitched with silver stars + , Item:Ebon-framed painting + , Item:Length of snow-white fabric edged with stylized embroidery + , Item:Polished birch sarangi patterned with delicate ebony staining + , Item:Silk chartreuse purse stitched with silver beadwork + , Item:Silver silk bodysuit painted with small moons of myriad colors and tiny argent stars + , Item:Sky blue thigh quiver embroidered with silvery stars and moons + , Item:Starlight velvet prayer mat embroidered with a ship + , Item:Lacquered teak telescope with swirling moabi inlay + ... Uses symbol


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