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Weapon:Aldamdin staff etched with numerous sigils + , Weapon:Battered oak staff + , Weapon:Blackened iron-tipped bamboo staff + , Weapon:Blackened steel staff studded with pure white thealstone orbs + , Weapon:Bloodwood staff + , Weapon:Bloodwood staff capped with an upturned claw of obsidian + , Weapon:Blue-grey steel staff acid-etched with geometric runes + , Weapon:Broad iron staff weighted with alternating panels of black and blue gold + , Weapon:Carved dragonwood staff set with an orb of iridescent cambrinth + , Weapon:Carved lunat staff topped with a silver unicorn + , Weapon:Carved maple staff embellished with inlays of purple gold + , Weapon:Copperwood shepherd's staff topped with a gnarled crook + , Weapon:Crystal-inset oaken staff surmounted with a witch ball + , Weapon:Detailed quarter staff topped with a carved ebony wolf's head + , Weapon:Elaborately carved staff inlaid with tarnished filigree + , Weapon:Gloomwood quarter staff inlaid with wrought iron bands + , Weapon:Glowing skull-tipped staff + , Weapon:Gnarled ash staff topped with a piece of cambrinth carved into the shape of a fist + , Weapon:Gnarled black willow staff + , Weapon:Gnarled black willow staff carved to resemble a fierce dragon head + ... Item type is
Item:Basalt horned viper entwined around a staff + , Weapon:Flexible willow staff sling with a closely knotted fishnet basket + , Item:Glassy black obsidian Ushnish emblem suspended from a heavy granite-link chain + , Weapon:Gnarled mistwood staff sling + , Item:Gnarled witchclaw staff charm + , Item:Ammunition pouch with a diamond staff sling clasp + , Item:Knee-length crimson tabard appliqued with a fire-breathing dragon + , Weapon:Long rowan staff sling with a leather basket lashed to the split haft + , Item:Miniature Dragon priestess shrouded in a dark challis robe + , Weapon:Smooth oak-hafted staff sling with a woven twig basket + , Item:Stained glass Meraud window (2) + , Shield:White kite shield painted with notes and clefs + Uses symbol


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