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Weapon:Glaes spider set with a large libger's eye stone (1) + , Weapon:Glaes spider set with a large libger's eye stone (2) + , Weapon:Heavy tomiek spider with an array of razor-sharp legs + , Weapon:Kaleidoscopic jumping spider inlaid with ammolite + , Weapon:Damite-legged blade spider + Item type is
Item:Chitinous cambrinth baldric clasped with a ring of Velakan pearls + , Item:Dead spider + , Item:Dessicated tarantula with its legs curled inward + , Item:Flawless chunk of spider material + , Item:Dessicated tarantula with its legs curled inward + , Item:Sleek black parson spider with white markings + , Weapon:Spider-sack sling with braided silk whipcords + , Weapon:Wickedly spiked knuckles fashioned from wolf spider fangs + Uses material
Item:Abyssal black bag webbed in fragile silver-tinged wildlace + , Item:Abyssal black thigh bag + , Item:Acenite hip-chain woven to resemble a spider's web + , Item:Acicular tomiek fascinator swathed in twilight purple Elven lace + , Item:Aged cherrywood humidor trimmed with a thin golden band + , Item:Aggregation of social spiders + , Weapon:Aldamdin longsword etched with funnel-web spiders along the blade + , Shield:Aldamdin targe crafted to resemble a stylized spider + , Item:Amber cave spider with spindly legs + , Item:Amethyst spider with the image of a tart decorating its abdomen + , Item:Angular black widow ring formed from shiny ebony segments + , Item:Anloral black widow spider pin + , Item:Aquamarine lawn chemise + , Item:Argent sanowret crystal set within a palladium blade spider + , Armor:Black pard leathers with an albino spider enameled on the chest + , Armor:Supple black hunting leathers set with padded spiders at the shoulders + , Item:Array of black ribbons that hang like spider legs from a cabochon ruby + , Item:Arrowhead spider forged from orichalcum + , Item:Ash-grey spider with the image of a golden coin decorating its abdomen + , Item:Audrualm spider with barbed legs and oversized chelicerae + ... Uses symbol


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