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Item:A blue painting of the night sky over a dark landscape + , Armor:Asini chainmail shirt featuring blackened steel accents + , Item:Atramentous marblesilk backpack + , Item:Azure ballgown with a corseted top and cascading tiers of gossamer skirting + , Item:Black chest painted with the constellations of the Elanthian sky and labeled "His." + , Item:Black fur-lined pouch embossed with tumbling dice and Tokka cards + , Item:Black lacquered table with legs shaped like lightning bolts + , Item:Black nightsilk gown decorated at the collar with star sapphires + , Item:Black onyx ring brushed with starry diamond dust + , Item:Black robe strewn with twinkling points of starlight + , Item:Black silk carryall clasped by a dainty ruby flamerose + , Item:Black spidersilk haversack decorated with silvery shooting stars + , Item:Black spidersilk robe stenciled with a tower under a starry sky + , Weapon:Blackened steel machete inset with spectrolite along the grip (2) + , Item:Blue and purple gown of deeply blending shades + , Item:Blue woolen greatcloak clasped with a dove of carved crystal + , Item:Bright brass astrolabe + , Item:Brilliant blue moonspun silk cloak embroidered with silver stars + , Item:Cobalt chest painted with the constellations of the Elanthian sky + , Item:Colorful ceramic teaspoon with a tiny fae perched on the stem + ... Uses┬ásymbol


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