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Has item property Human style  +
Material type is woods  +
Provided for alterations true  +
Race association is Concept:Humans +
Rarity is special  +
Uses color grey  + , black  +
Has query
"Has query" is a predefined property that represents meta information (in form of a subobject) about individual queries.
Shadowbark + , Shadowbark +
Categories Materials , Woods , Auction-Tier Materials
Modification date
This property is a special property in this wiki.
3 July 2021 02:45:05  +
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Item:Bat-shaped windboard carved from shadowbark + , Item:Black shadowbark ghironda with a painted wiirwood wheel + , Shield:Ceremonial shadowbark shield burned with a ring of overlapping runes + , Weapon:Comical shadowbark hobbyhorse topped with a roly-poly panda head + , Weapon:Double-strung shadowbark latchbow set with black assassin's diamonds + , Item:Dragon-scale leather bellows with shadowbark handles + , Item:Elite banker's formal contract case generously padded with Imperial weave + , Weapon:Frost-coated icesteel thrusting blade set with an enruned Sunderstone + , Weapon:Kiralan naginata with a shadowbark shaft + , Item:Kiralan-banded starstone slickstone fitted with a shadowbark handle + , Weapon:Lifesculpted shadowbark pelletbow wrought as a razor-fanged dungeon rat + , Weapon:Long shadowbark quarterstaff wrapped in shreds of sickly purple-tinged sanguinai + , Item:Narrow shadowbark cigar case bearing a blackened moonsilver skull + , Item:Pair of zeltfish-bone phalange-heeled shadowbark leather boots wrapped with white bloodlace + , Item:Shadowbark calling card dispenser embedded with a multitude of void-black riftstones + , Item:Shadowbark grimoire of sigils with moonsilver-edged pages + , Item:Shadowbark handled instrument mallet + , Item:Shadowbark pilgrim's badge framed by skeletal dragon wings + , Weapon:Shadowbark reflex bow with a crimson-dyed spidersilk bowstring + , Weapon:Shadowbark saddle bow inlaid with green gold + ... Uses material


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