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Rabbit fur
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Item:Antelope-hide bridle with beaded reins and browband + , Item:Black velvet boots trimmed with soft rabbit fur + , Item:Bogbirch-handled broom with leather-wrapped grips trimmed in rabbit fur + , Item:Brown suede moccasins laced with knotted leather cords + , Item:Charcoal grey lambswool cape trimmed with soft white rabbit fur + , Item:Clinging amber silk kirtle with close fitting sleeves and a gold-shot ivory brocade overtunic lined with red rabbit fur + , Item:Crimson-dyed rabbit fur backpack adorned along the flap by a fringe of gold charms + , Item:Dainty cape trimmed in white rabbit fur + , Item:Dark blue kidskin gloves lined with grey rabbit fur + , Item:Dark green velvet doublet edged with white rabbit fur and embroidered with a golden coat-of-arms + , Item:Dark suede duffel bag with thick leather straps + , Item:Deep crimson wool riding cloak lined in pale grey rabbit fur + , Armor:Doeskin gloves lined with rabbit fur + , Item:Elegant red velvet gown edged with white rabbit fur along the low neckline and flowing train + , Item:Feminine felted top hat with a tall tapering crown + , Item:Fiery red silk mantle trimmed in rabbit fur + , Item:Fur-lined doeskin satchel + , Item:Furry hooded cloak with long plush ears sewn onto the hood + , Item:Golden cashmere cloak with a shawl collar of dark brown rabbit fur + , Item:Heavy woolen cloak dyed in shades of green + ... Uses┬ámaterial


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