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Post:Updated end treasure (Ghost Ship, Gnome, Dunshade) - 12/13/2013 - 16:58
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Post relates to Curse of the Ghost Ship + , Weapon:Polished steel throwing spike with a wire-wound leather grip + , Dunshade: Echo of Tears + , Weapon:Oak throwing club banded with etched steel bands + , Morum Melgorehn + , Weapon:Light damascene steel throwing axe with an ironwood haft + , Item:Brushed leather rucksack set with polished gold plates + , Armor:Polished great helm with gold marbling and animite insets + , Armor:Golden gauntlets set with animite flecks in each scale + , Armor:Animite-etched field plate armor with golden pauldrons + , Weapon:Ebony unicorn hobbyhorse + , Weapon:Jet-hilted carving knife with a curved blade of pattern-welded steel + , Item:Thick leather backpack with silken panels + , Armor:Darkened red chain gauntlets backed with spiked knuckles + , Armor:Darkened red chain helm with the visage of a striking serpent + , Armor:Darkened mail dyed rust-red with a spiked emblem upon the chest + , Item:Tooled moneybelt with a jeweled buckle + , Weapon:Folded-steel longsword with a polished oak hilt + , Item:Small mechanical sparrow + , Item:Supple grendel-skin moneybelt + , Item:Toy slot machine bank made from precious metals + , Item:Heavy leather haversack clasped with a silver skull + , Armor:Set of hunting leathers covered in silver skull-shaped studs + , Armor:Heavy leather mask covered in silver skull-shaped studs + , Armor:Silver-studded leather gloves + , Weapon:Silvered claymore with a rotting leather grip + , Weapon:Silvered mace with a warped teak shaft + , Weapon:Cracked teak nightstick with a rotting leather-wrapped grip + , Weapon:Silvered scimitar with a rotting leather-wrapped grip + , Weapon:Silvered broadsword with a rotting leather-wrapped grip + , Item:Cracked chakrel torque in the shape of a one-eyed skull + , Item:Dusky-blue basilisk hide satchel decorated with ur hhrki'izh claws along the flap + , Item:Salt-stained vellum scroll + , Item:Gleaming metallic-red cinder beast with glittering onyx claws + , Armor:Blackened chain gloves fixed with tarnished steel wrist guards + , Weapon:Blackened steel throwing hammer with a sturdy haft of bone-inlaid bloodwood + , Item:Tattered nightsilk shroud + , Item:Crimson cashmere cassock with deep cuffs trimmed in black brocade + , Item:Guildleader Esuin doll + , Item:Translucent chalice of swirled rose and crimson glass + , Item:Pilgrim's badge + , Item:Strand of gleaming cambrinth prayer beads with a gold-inlaid platinum clasp + , Item:Ivory claw key slung from a leather wristlet + , Weapon:Heavy mistwood boar spear adorned with streamers of blood-red spidersilk + , Armor:Blackened chain coif with a tarnished steel facemask + , Weapon:Glistening black gladius with an onyx beetle pommel + , Armor:Glistening black leather armor fashioned to resemble a beetle + , Item:Glistening black armored pack with silver rivet fastenings + , Armor:Glistening black leather mask shaped like a beetle head + , Armor:Bloodstained leather gloves with iron spikes along the knuckles + , Weapon:Glistening black stiletto with an onyx beetle pommel + , Item:Petrified beetle ring + , Item:Black leather armband set with an onyx beetle + , Weapon:Glistening black bastard sword with an onyx beetle pommel + , Item:Aged leather satchel embellished with the faded crest of the Warrior Mage Guild + , Item:Black ironwood spellbook case with the crest of the Warrior Mage Guild inlaid in platinum + , Item:Sturdy silver-bound ebonwood spellbook engraved with the Warrior Mage Guild crest + , Item:Animite ring set with a fire opal etched with the crest of the Warrior Mage guild + , Armor:Reinforced leather cavalier hat adorned with owl down pinned up by a golden staff + , Item:Ermine-lined velvet riding cloak worked with the crest of the Warrior Mage Guild + , Armor:Leather riding gloves etched with lightning bolts from hem to fingertips + , Item:Pair of highly-polished leather riding boots capped with steel at the toes and heel + , Item:Pair of elegant leather pants stitched with lightning bolts down each leg + , Item:Polished steel scabbard engraved with lightning bolts from edge to tip + , Weapon:Folded steel broadsword with a hilt shaped like flared-wings and capped by a claw clasping a spherical crystal + , Item:Leather-wrapped sheath stamped with the crest of Warrior Mage Guild + , Weapon:Folded steel scimitar with a hilt shaped like flared-wings and capped by a claw clasping a spherical crystal + , Armor:Set of chain armor with a sash pinned across the chest by a gold medallion + , Item:Suede haversack with crisscrossing rawhide stitches + , Item:Braided horsehair archer's cuff studded with small arrowheads + , Item:Steel-toed riding boots with braided sinew ties + , Item:Forest shroud dyed in mottled shades of green and brown + , Weapon:Ebony hobbyhorse with a spotted pony's head + , Item:Knotted rawhide lunge whip with a black leather handle + , Item:Stallion pin + , Weapon:Redwood horse bow tied with spotted owl feathers + , Item:Pair of gleaming steel spurs with twisted leather straps + , Item:Twisted cambrinth armband bearing the crest of the Ranger Guild +
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Posted on 13 December 2013 22:58:00  +
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