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Weapon:Abassi (1) + , Item:Aged cherrywood humidor trimmed with a thin golden band + , Armor:Agonite lamellar helm sculpted with the visage of a blazing phoenix + , Item:Anloral phoenix pin + , Armor:Blackened plate engraved with a phoenix at one shoulder + , Armor:Crimson-hued chain hauberk fashioned to resemble swirling phoenix feathers + , Armor:Embossed leathers depicting a rising phoenix + , Armor:Golden hunting leathers embossed with scarlet firebirds + , Armor:Metal breastplate etched with a rising phoenix + , Weapon:Arzfilt + , Item:Aurulent phoenix wings affixed to a frame of spiritwood + , Weapon:Battered cutlass with a tarnished silver hilt + , Item:Black ironwood mandolin inlaid with an ivory phoenix rising amidst coral flames + , Item:Black silk parchment satchel appliqued with a fiery red phoenix + , Weapon:Black steel bastard sword with a scorched mahogany hilt painted with a red phoenix + , Item:Black suede boots with engraved gold buckles + , Armor:Blackened field plate etched with a cinnabar-rubbed phoenix at one shoulder + , Armor:Blackened plate engraved with a phoenix at one shoulder (1) + , Armor:Blackened plate engraved with a phoenix at one shoulder (2) + , Shield:Blackened tower shield emblazoned with a brightly polished phoenix rising from a pyre + ... Uses symbol


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