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Persistence of Mana
Ability difficulty is intermediate  +
Ability effect is +Attunement skill, +Attunement pool regeneration  +
Ability skill is augmentation  +
Boosts Attunement skill + , Attunement pool regeneration +
Casting cap is 700  +
Cyclic spell false  +
Guild association is Cleric +
Magic type is Holy magic  +
Maximum duration is 90  +
Maximum skill is 800  +
Messaging is You gesture your arms in a wide arc, slowl
You gesture your arms in a wide arc, slowly bringing your hands together to steeple your fingers. The mental strain of this pattern is considerably eased by your ritual focus. A searing pain spreads through your fingertips, washing up through your arms until it burns through every vein in your body. Your vision goes black, yet you feel no respite from the torturous pain. The pain bores deeper into your body, the energy of your spell carving into your nervous system like molten knives. You feel the horizons of your magical senses being torn asunder, stretched beyond their normal bounds. Your spell finally takes full shape, and a vast aural emptiness blots out the pain as quickly as it had come. Your magical senses tingle, your ability to sustain the fatigues of spellcasting heightened. Slowly you relax the pose of your hands, allowing the cramping muscles a moment of serenity. Third person: <Cleric> gestures his arms in a wide arc, slowly bringing his hands together to steeple his fingers. <Cleric>'s eyes flare with an ethereal blue glow as his body grows rigid, contorting against the unmistakable throes of great pain. <Cleric> trembles in pain, his steepled fingers fused together in concentration. Traces of ethereal blue light flicker over <Cleric>'s form, like tendrils of unnatural lightning. His face contorts in agony, eyes rolling back into his head as he attempts to retain concentration. <Cleric>'s morbid grimace softens a shade as he slowly relaxes the vigilant pose of his hands, seeming more tranquil than before.
hands, seeming more tranquil than before.  +
Minimum duration is 30  +
Minimum prep is 150  +
Minimum skill is 80  +
Page type is spell  +
Pretty name is Persistence of Mana  +
Scroll-only spell false  +
Signature spell true  +
Slot cost is 2  +
Spell abbreviation is pom  +
Spell cast type is ritual  +
Spell source is guildleader  +
Spellbook is Metamagic  +
Targeted magic spell false  +
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Persistence of Mana +
Categories Ritual spells , Spells , Guild Leader spells , Signature spells , Cleric spells , Metamagic spellbook , Augmentation abilities , Intermediate abilities , Beneficial abilities
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23 September 2018 04:25:11  +
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Title:Master of Mana + , Title:Master of Mana + Requires spell
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