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Oak leaf
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Item:Colorful vine wreath of gold-beaded burgundy leaves + , Item:Colorful vine wreath of gold-beaded burgundy leaves + Uses┬ámaterial
Item:Autumnal red kimono of heavy silk embroidered with colorful falling oak leaves + , Item:Braided platinum wristcuff studded with charms shaped into oak leaves + , Item:Bright pink bedroll appliqued with dark gold oak leaves + , Item:Broad leather longcoat with hammered bronze clasps + , Item:Buff doeskin cloak with vines embroidered along the hem + , Item:Burgundy tapestry stitched with a golden oak leaf + , Item:Chocolate calfskin hat with an embossed brim + , Weapon:Copperwood short bow inlaid with malachite oak leaves + , Item:Dark green suede blouse with billowy sleeves + , Item:Delicate brass oak leaf anklet + , Item:Delicately carved hairsticks of petrified white oak + , Item:Detailed wooden amulet carved to resemble a single oak leaf + , Item:Divided riding skirt with oak leaf buttons along the front + , Weapon:Ebon-hilted steel baselard trimmed with repousse brasswork bands + , Item:Fine brass pendant of three feathers hanging from an oak leaf + , Item:Forest-green canvas trousers with a narrow buckskin belt + , Item:Forest-green leather belt with oak leaf plaques + , Weapon:Gleaming steel broadsword with an autumn jasper-inlaid pommel + , Item:Gold-tinted wire spectacles with oak leaf-shaped lenses + , Item:Golden hip chain with dangling acorn-shaped bells + ... Uses┬ásymbol


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