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Hodierna's Lilt
Ability difficulty is basic  +
Ability effect is Vitality heal, Fatigue heal, Spirit heal  +
Ability skill is utility  +
Casting cap is 25  +
Cyclic spell true  +
Guild association is Bard +
Heal type Vitality heal  + , Fatigue heal  + , Spirit heal  +
Magic type is Elemental Magic (Air)  +
Maximum skill is 600  +
Messaging is ''Prepare:''<br /> You hear the gent
''Prepare:''<br /> You hear the gentle singing of Hodierna's Lilt in your mind, as you trace your finger along mana streams around you in introduction. ''Cast:''<br /> You give sudden voice to the gentle song that dances in your thoughts, as you release an accompaniment of elemental air into the piece. Your singing maintains a soft tone, as you ascend through increasingly complicated scales. ''Pulse:''<br /> Your voice soars to the high reaches of your range, each note ringing pure and true as you perform this verse of Hodierna's Lilt with quiet confidence. An uplifting lilt colors your voice as you transgress the prechorus of Hodierna's Lilt. A strident theme keeps this normally sedate tune lively through the chorus, skipping from note to note with the stern rapidity of a beating heart. A cascade of low tones provide a dark contrast to highlight the light melody as you sing Hodierna's Lilt. ''End:''<br /> As your rendition of Hodierna's Lilt winds down to a close, you let each note linger on the air a moment, drawing out the final moment with a reluctance to let the soothing melody fade. ''Effect on other players:''<br /> You sense the soothing power of your enchante wash over ''<Player>'', ''<Player>'', and ''<Player>''. ''Self vitality heal:<br /> Your soothing melody invigorates your body. ''Self fatigue heal:''<br /> Your soothing melody relaxes your weariness. ''Self spirit heal:''<br /> Your soothing melody invigorates your spirit.
r soothing melody invigorates your spirit.  +
Minimum duration is 999  +
Minimum prep is 5  +
Minimum skill is 10  +
Page type is spell  +
Pretty name is Hodierna's Lilt  +
Scroll-only spell false  +
Signature spell true  +
Slot cost is 2  +
Spell abbreviation is hodi  +
Spell cast type is cyclic  +
Spell source is guildleader  +
Spellbook is Sound Manipulation  +
Targeted magic spell false  +
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Hodierna's Lilt + , Hodierna's Lilt +
Categories Cyclic spells , Basic abilities , Spells , Bard spells , Guild Leader spells , Sound Manipulation spellbook , Signature spells , Utility abilities
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8 February 2020 14:54:36  +
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