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Has query
"Has query" is a predefined property that represents meta information (in form of a subobject) about individual queries.
Hammer + , Hammer + , Hammer +
Categories Weapons , Items , Definitions
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Weapon:Alerce-hilted throwing hammer with a shark-shaped head + , Weapon:Animite war hammer with a polished head + , Weapon:Blackened steel throwing hammer with a sturdy haft of bone-inlaid wyndewood + , Weapon:Blackened steel throwing hammer with a weighted head + , Weapon:Blued-steel hammer with a leather-wrapped ironwood shaft + , Weapon:Bronze forge hammer + , Weapon:Bronze hammer + , Weapon:Charred flamewood throwing hammer with a dragon-shaped head + , Weapon:Crimson bone throwing hammer + , Weapon:Damite throwing hammer with a black walnut handle + , Weapon:Deep ebony exoskeletal hammer + , Weapon:Double-headed steel hammer that has been polished to a reflective gleam + , Weapon:Dull silver-plated hammer with a scarred leather grip + , Weapon:Dwarven hammer with a spiked head + , Weapon:Finely-polished throwing hammer with a leather-wrapped handle + , Weapon:Flame-hued rencate war hammer bound in pale ivory Longleaf lotusweave + , Weapon:Glaes-hilted two-headed hammer set with a large chunk of chakrel + , Weapon:Golden hammer with a cupcake-shaped head + , Weapon:Hammer + , Weapon:Heavy basalt hammer with a carved jackal's head haft + ... Item type is
Item:Animite-laced granite brazier with crossed-hammer piercings + , Armor:Steel thorakes reinforced with bronze bands and engraved with images of a Dwarven hammer in a raised fist + , Item:Battered copper repair kit emblazoned with crossed forge hammers + , Shield:Beaten-bronze Dwarven shield + , Item:Black leather belt studded with miniature silver forging tools + , Item:Black tabard embroidered with an Inquisitorial emblem + , Item:Brass warhorn inlaid with miniature onyx war hammers + , Item:Bright copper necklace bearing an engraved medallion + , Item:Brilliant cerulean prayer rug emblazoned with a stately welkin working over a forge + , Item:Brilliant cerulean prayer rug emblazoned with a stately welkin working over a forge (1) + , Item:Buffed chakrel war hammer amulet hung from a twisted leather cord + , Item:Burnished copper pendant shaped like a hammer wreathed in flames + , Item:Cambrinth Hav'roth idol + , Item:Cambrinth Merion idol + , Item:Charcoal grey drawstring herb pouch embroidered with copper hammers along the bottom edge + , Item:Charcoal grey robe embroidered with the symbol of the Forfedhdar Healers' Hall + , Item:Cold-forged hammer charm fabricated from blackened steel + , Item:Dove grey thigh pouch appliqued with crossed forging hammers + , Item:Dusky blue faille fan embroidered with "NAILED IT" in sunshine yellow thread + , Item:Embossed leather holster + ... Uses symbol


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