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Has query
"Has query" is a predefined property that represents meta information (in form of a subobject) about individual queries.
Goshawk + , Goshawk +
Categories Symbols , Fauna
Modification date
This property is a special property in this wiki.
26 June 2013 09:05:58  +
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Item:Broad goshawk feather quill with a thin platinum tip + , Item:Broad goshawk feather quill with a thin platinum tip + Uses material
Item:Aged cherrywood humidor trimmed with a thin golden band + , Item:Anloral goshawk pin + , Armor:Mirrored helm with strips of storm grey enamel over the visor + , Armor:Set of ceremonial plate armor with storm grey enamel overlaying the chest + , Item:Austere judge's robe sewn from somber black steelsilk + , Item:Austere steelsilk mantle with a soulstone clasp + , Armor:Black quilted gloves embroidered with a scarlet goshawk + , Item:Black silk surcoat sewn with a screaming crimson goshawk + , Item:Blackened gold hip chain dangling with tiny cambrinth goshawks + , Item:Blackened gold ring set with a large cambrinth goshawk + , Item:Bronze anklet inlaid with a cambrinth avatar + , Item:Bronze armband inlaid with a cambrinth avatar + , Item:Bronze repair kit depicting a goshawk upon a set of armor + , Item:Cambrinth ankle cuff inlaid with sunstone goshawks to spell BOTOLF + , Item:Cambrinth bracelet inset with a carved ivory band + , Armor:Ceremonial chain balaclava colored and beaked like a goshawk's head + , Item:Clouded glass armband strung with a constellation of tiny stars + , Item:Copper bell with a massively maned lion handle + , Item:Copper ritual drum + , Item:Crystal cowbell with a golden mongoose handle + ... Uses symbol


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