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Gem holder
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Item:Animite bracelet etched with the image of a flying dragon + , Item:Animite bracelet with a gem set into its eye + , Item:Baby fawn statue curled up into a little ball + , Shield:Black steel tower shield with a gem in its top edge + , Item:Blackened steel choker with an empty setting at the throat + , Item:Blackened steel ring with knotwork etching surrounding a gem + , Weapon:Blackened steel stiletto with a curved dragon claw pommel + , Weapon:Blackened steel sword with an empty crest setting in the ebony hilt + , Item:Braided platinum wristcuff studded with charms shaped into oak leaves + , Item:Bright steel eyebrow ring with a small chain dangling a gem + , Item:Carved ebony pendant engraved with a small branch sprouting autumn leaves + , Item:Cat-shaped silver locket playfully batting at the empty air + , Item:Elegant platinum anklet pressed with a rough leaf-vein pattern + , Item:Elegant silver torque decorated with thin scrollwork + , Item:Elegant white gold locket decorated with triple sunbeams + , Item:Elven silver locket dotted with beads of onyx shaped into blackberry clusters + , Item:Fine brass pendant of three feathers hanging from an oak leaf + , Item:Fine silver ring with blackened etchings surrounding an empty gem setting + , Item:Fine silver wire earcuff + , Item:Fine velvet choker set at the throat with an empty gem setting + ... Item type is


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