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Item:Elegant gold locket crafted from ornate filigree resembling a stylized sun + , Item:Filigree mirror painted with a regal snout + , Item:Pair of silver filigree cage earrings + Uses┬ámaterial
Item:Avocado-hued egg embellished with gold clay filigree + , Weapon:Cypress shortbow with silver filigreed limbs + , Item:Dark gold stylus ensconced in delicate silver filigree + , Armor:Dark green plate armor pattern-welded with ornate scrollwork + , Item:Dark green satin tunic embroidered with twining vines of ivy + , Item:Dark red floor-length gown embroidered with a golden butterfly + , Item:Delicate silver filigree kohl pot + , Weapon:Elaborately carved staff inlaid with tarnished filigree + , Item:Elegant folio with gilded accents + , Item:Filigree earrings threaded with beads + , Item:Filigreed authorization + , Item:Filigreed gold ring set with tiny adderstones + , Item:Fluted dark green wand tipped with silver filigree set with tiny spring emeralds + , Item:Gold and black filigree mask accented by pitch pearls + , Item:Gold filigree jewelry box set with ocean's heart diamonds + , Item:Heart-shaped filigree locket inlaid with chips + , Item:High war saddle clad in gilded plates + , Item:Large obsidian pendant decorated with a summertime scene + , Item:Leather war bridle set with rectangular plates + , Item:Ornate animite pendant clutching a large freshwater pearl + ... Uses┬ásymbol


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