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Alteration restriction notes Fae-spun silk, faeweave, fae-woven silk, and faesilk are considered different materials for the purposes of alterations.  +
Has item property Fae style  +
Material type is fabric  +
Provided for alterations true  +
Race association is Fae +
Rarity is special  +
Has query
"Has query" is a predefined property that represents meta information (in form of a subobject) about individual queries.
Faesilk + , Faesilk +
Categories Materials , Fabric , Silks
Modification date
This property is a special property in this wiki.
5 July 2021 05:38:24  +
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Armor:Armored gown of moonsilver-chased chainmail atop layers of faesilk + , Item:Blue faesilk cloak edged in Albarian lace + , Item:Blue-black crystal medallion strung upon a spectral white faesilk cord + , Item:Cloud-white faesilk sundress embroidered with scattered colorful flowers against a lattice background + , Weapon:Diacan katana with an elaborate lotus flower sapphire hilt + , Item:Ebon faesilk gown with bouquets of colorful flowers embroidered down the sides + , Item:Elegantly ruched tea green faesilk gown + , Item:Faesilk ribbon crown wound with preserved phofe flowers + , Item:Flamboyant jester's tunic composed of harlequin-patterned faesilk + , Item:Fragile faesilk gem pouch dangling sungold key charms + , Item:Glittering sun idol of radiant-cut aurora opals strung upon faesilk filaments + , Item:Gracefully flowing cloak of living vines with a high collar of flowers + , Item:Iridescent faesilk pack decorated with a large cambrinth butterfly + , Item:Liquid-filled crystal rose displayed upon braided faesilk + , Item:Loose-fitting faesilk trews striped in shades of cerulean and lime green + , Item:Pair of mango-hued faesilk boots wrapped in eye-searing lime green silk + , Item:Pale amethyst faesilk dancing skirt edged in sparkly gold sequins + , Armor:Shimmering dark red faesilk gown with glowing sigils encircling the plunging neckline + , Item:Some eccentric tawny suede boots flaunting multi-colored faesilk fringe + , Item:White faesilk cloak edged in Elven snowlace + ... Uses material


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