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Item:Bat-shaped cupcake + , Item:Blue-frosted cupcake topped with purple sprinkles + , Item:Cat-shaped cupcake + , Item:Fang-shaped cupcake + , Item:Green-frosted cupcake topped with pink spun sugar webs + , Item:Red-frosted cupcake topped with a chocolate spider + Uses┬ámaterial
Item:Applewood wand topped with an autumn jasper pumpkin + , Item:Brushed silver ring set with a tiny glass cupcake + , Item:Cupcake-shaped flask + , Item:Dark red silk apron sewn with a myriad of strawberry cupcakes + , Item:Frosted cupcake pinata + , Item:Ginormous cambrinth cupcake with a cloud ruby gumdrop on top + , Shield:Glittery cupcake-shaped targe sprinkled with raspberry-pink spikes + , Weapon:Golden hammer with a cupcake-shaped head + , Item:Icing pink tutu sprinkled in teensy bits of spring emeralds + , Item:Ivory charm dangling from a braided leather wristlet + , Weapon:Pair of metal cupcakes connected by a sturdy steel chain + , Item:Plump pink dream pillow emblazoned with dancing purple-frosted cupcakes + , Item:Plush cupcake-shaped hat draped with a veil resembling chocolate ganache + , Item:Plush cupcake-shaped hat topped with an elaborate frosting twirl + , Item:Plush cupcake-shaped wrist purse with a spun glitter strap + , Item:Red velvet cupcake-shaped crown topped with a vanilla gauze frosting swirl + , Item:Round goodie box in the shape of a frosted cupcake + , Item:Spiraling cambrinth armband painted with dancing cupcakes + , Item:Splotchy sack decorated with multi-colored dancing cupcakes + , Item:Striped stationery kit trimmed with a bit of white lace + ... Uses┬ásymbol


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