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Clench command
Command type is role-playing  +
Description is Emotive command used to hold something really tightly.  +
Is incomplete true  +
Messaging is '''CLENCH FIST'''<br /> ''You see'':
'''CLENCH FIST'''<br /> ''You see'': You clench your fist.<br /> ''Others see'': <Person> clenches <his/her> fist.<br /> '''CLENCH FIST (Barbarian)'''<br /> ''You see'': Your muscles ripple and your veins begin to stick out as you clench your fist.<br /> ''Others see'': <Person>'s muscles ripple and <his/her> veins begin to stick out as <he/she> clenches <his/her> fist.<br /> '''CLENCH TEETH'''<br /> ''You see'': You grit your teeth.<br /> ''Others see'': <Person> grits <his/her> teeth.<br /> '''CLENCH <self>'''<br /> ''You see'': You ball up your fists stiffly at your side.<br /> ''Others see'': <Person> balls up <his/her> fists stiffly at <his/her> side.<br /> '''CLENCH <self> (while prone)'''<br /> ''You see'': You roll yourself into a ball.<br /> ''Others see'': <Person> rolls <himself/herself> into a ball.<br /> '''CLENCH <Person>'''<br /> ''You see'': You reach your shaking hands out to <Person> and imagine wadding <him/her> up into a little ball.<br /> ''Target sees'': <Person> reaches <his/her> shaking hands out toward you, face twisted in an odd grin.<br /> ''Others see'': ? <br /> '''CLENCH <item>'''<br /> ''You see'': You clench your <item> tightly until your knuckles go white.<br /> ''Others see'': <Person> clenches <his/her> <item> tightly until <his/her> knuckles go white.<br />
his/her> knuckles go white.<br />  +
Page type is command  +
Pretty name is Clench  +
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Clench command +
Categories Incomplete articles , Commands , Role-playing commands
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23 August 2017 18:50:15  +
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