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Choke command
Command type is role-playing  + , combat  + , guild  +
Description is The Choke command is both for roleplaying and also a Barbarian-only brawling attack.  +
Guild association is Barbarian +
Messaging is '''CHOKE'''<br /> ''You see'': You g
'''CHOKE'''<br /> ''You see'': You gag, desperate for air!<br /> ''Others see'': <Person> gags horribly and gasps for air!<br /> <br /> ''' While Grappled'''<br /> ''You see:''<br /> >choke<br /> A tall scavenger goblin struggles helplessly in your strong grasp.<br /> <br />'''Instant Death Neck Break'''<br /> ''You see:''<br /> >choke<br /> With a loud CRACK! you snap the arthelun cabalist's neck and toss it aside.<br /> An arthelun cabalist's eyes flare one last time before snuffing out forever. The flames reluctantly withdraw from their host forming an ephemeral wisp that rapidly flees.<br /> The shimmering ethereal shield fades from around a charred husk.<br /> <br />''This was working as of 12/5/2017. There were reports of it working on various ranges of brawling, as low as 130.''
rious ranges of brawling, as low as 130.''  +
Page type is command  +
Pretty name is Choke  +
Categories Commands , Combat commands , Role-playing commands , Barbarian commands , Guild commands
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6 December 2017 20:00:14  +
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