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Brush command
Description is The brush command can be used to untangle hair and manes with a comb or brush of some sort in hand. The hair or mane must be untied.  +
Messaging is '''BRUSH HAIR''' (Untangled hair)<br /&
'''BRUSH HAIR''' (Untangled hair)<br /> ''You see'': You pull your hairbrush through your ''<hair/mane>'', brushing it out.<br /> ''Others see'': ''<Player>'' brushes his ''<hair/mane>'' out.<br /> '''BRUSH HAIR''' (Tangled hair)<br /> ''You see'': You pull your hairbrush through your ''<hair/mane>'', wincing as it drags on the tangles.<br /> ''Others see'': ''<Player>'' pulls his hairbrush through his ''<hair/mane>''.<br /> '''BRUSH HAIR''' (Bald)<br /> ''You see'': But you have no ''<hair/mane>'' to brush!<br /> ''Others see'': ''Nothing.''<br /> '''BRUSH <Player> HAIR''' (Untangled)<br /> ''You see'': You brush out ''<Player>'''s hair.<br /> ''Target sees'': ''<Player>'' brushes out your hair.<br /> ''Others see'': ''<Player>'' brushes out ''<Player>'''s hair.<br /> '''BRUSH <Player> HAIR''' (Tangled)<br /> ''You see'': You yank your hairbrush through ''<Player>'''s hair. That's gotta hurt!<br /> ''Target sees'': ''<Player>'' yanks a hairbrush through your hair. Ow!<br /> ''Others see'': ''<Player>'' yanks a hairbrush through ''<Player>'''s hair.<br /> '''BRUSH <Player> HAIR''' (Bald)<br /> ''You see'': You rub ''<Player>'''s scalp.<br /> ''Target sees'': ''<Player>'' rubs your scalp.<br /> ''Others see'': ''<Player>'' rubs ''<Player>'''s scalp.<br />
bs ''<Player>'''s scalp.<br />  +
Page type is command  +
Pretty name is Brush  +
Categories Commands , Role-playing commands
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