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Breathe command
Command type is role-playing  +
Description is Emotive command to allow you to show respiratory signs of various feelings.  +
Messaging is '''BREATHE'''<br /> ''You see'': You
'''BREATHE'''<br /> ''You see'': You take a deep breath.<br /> ''Others see'': ''<Player>'' takes a deep breath.<br /> '''BREATHE ANNOY'''<br /> ''You see'': You sharply inhale and exhale a heavy breath in annoyance.<br /> ''Others see'': ''<Player>'' sharply inhales and exhales a heavy breath in annoyance.<br /> '''BREATHE ANTICIPATE'''<br /> ''You see'': You watch in breathless anticipation.<br /> ''Others see'': ''<Player>'' watches the surroundings in breathless anticipation.<br /> '''BREATHE BLUE'''<br /> ''You see'': You hold your breath until you nearly turn blue!<br /> ''Others see'': ''<Player>'' holds his breath until he looks like he's going to turn blue!<br /> '''BREATHE BORED'''<br /> ''You see'': You breathe heavily, bored.<br /> ''Others see'': ''<Player>'' breathes heavily, looking bored.<br /> '''BREATHE CATCH'''<br /> ''You see'': You pant, trying to catch your breath.<br /> ''Others see'': ''<Player>'' pants, trying to catch his breath.<br /> '''BREATHE DRINK'''<br /> ''You see'': You let out a long breath of alcohol-laden air.<br /> ''Others see'': ''<Player>'' lets out a long breath of air which reeks of alcohol.<br /> '''BREATHE FAST'''<br /> ''You see'': You breathe rapidly, your nostrils flaring.<br /> ''Others see'': ''<Player>'' breathes rapidly, his nostrils flaring.<br /> '''BREATHE FEAR'''<br /> ''You see'': You gasp a quick breath in fear and surprise!<br /> ''Others see'': ''<Player>'' gasps a quick breath, obviously terrified!<br /> '''BREATHE FIERCE'''<br /> ''You see'': You inhale a deep breath through your teeth, snarling!<br /> ''Others see'': ''<Player>'' inhales a deep breath through his teeth, snarling!<br /> '''BREATHE HOLD'''<br /> ''You see'': You hold your breath.<br /> ''Others see'': ''<Player>'' holds his breath.<br /> '''BREATHE LOUD'''<br /> ''You see'': You snuffle and gasp, making an enormous production out of simply breathing.<br /> ''Others see'': ''<Player>'' snuffles and gasps, making an enormous production out of the simple matter of breathing.<br /> '''BREATHE OUT'''<br /> ''You see'': You let out a long, contemplative breath.<br /> ''Others see'': ''<Player>'' lets out a long, contemplative breath.<br /> '''BREATHE PAIN'''<br /> ''You see'': You rapidly suck in air through your teeth in pain.<br /> ''Others see'': ''<Player>'' rapidly sucks in air through his teeth in pain.<br /> '''BREATHE QUIET'''<br /> ''You see'': You breathe as quietly as you can.<br /> ''Others see'': ''<Player>'' breathes almost without making a sound.<br /> '''BREATHE SELF''' (Note: the word SELF, not your name.)<br /> ''You see'': You try desperately to catch your breath.<br /> ''Others see'': ''<Player>'' tries desperately to catch his breath.<br /> '''BREATHE SLIGHT'''<br /> ''You see'': You breathe in slightly.<br /> ''Others see'': ''<Player>'' breathes in slightly.<br /> '''BREATHE SLOW'''<br /> ''You see'': You breathe very slowly and deliberately, calming yourself.<br /> ''Others see'': ''<Player>'' breathes very slowly and looks much calmer.<br />
slowly and looks much calmer.<br />  +
Page type is command  +
Pretty name is Breathe  +
Categories Commands , Role-playing commands
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