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Has query
"Has query" is a predefined property that represents meta information (in form of a subobject) about individual queries.
Bow + , Bow + , Bow +
Categories Weapons , Items , Definitions
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Weapon:Battle-worn skirmisher's bow with an etched iron grip + , Weapon:Beechwood short bow + , Weapon:Bow designed for shipboard use + , Weapon:Carved mahogany short bow + , Weapon:Compact recurve bow with cat's-eye tourmalines set in platinum risers + , Weapon:Composite bow + , Weapon:Composite bow with a red silk bowstring + , Weapon:Copper-banded maple composite bow with a braided spidersilk bowstring + , Weapon:Copper-tipped composite bow painted with autumn leaves + , Weapon:Copperwood flight bow wrapped in gilded leather + , Weapon:Cypress short bow with peccary fang tips + , Weapon:Dark composite bow inlaid with blood-red veins + , Weapon:Dark smokewood composite bow tipped with inlaid lightning amethyst spiders + , Weapon:Darkened composite bow etched with slender panthers + , Weapon:Darkened hemlock short bow with a worn leather grip + , Weapon:Diamondwood shortbow graced with a trio of Huntress diamonds + , Weapon:Dragonwood composite bow carved to appear like two intertwined serpents + , Weapon:Felwood forester's bow with animite inlay + , Weapon:Fine ebony long bow with acid-etched steel end caps + , Weapon:Finivire steppe bow with lumium tips + ... Item type is
Armor:Suit of shining ceremonial plate armor embellished with ribbons of ruby red + , Item:Auburn velvet gown with chocolate-brown highlights + , Item:Black leather thigh quiver inlaid with the silver image of a sylph-like huntress drawing a bow + , Item:Black thigh quiver embossed with a sylph-like huntress drawing a bow + , Item:Black velvet choker dangling a stunning Huntress diamond + , Item:Bloomers of delicate Albarian lace with ruffled bottoms tied by tiny bows + , Item:Blue striped candy bag tied with a gold silk bow + , Item:Braided silver cloak pin inset with a polished amber longbow + , Item:Brilliant blue bubble bound by burgundy bows + , Item:Bronze toe bells + , Item:Brown leather garter trimmed with gold-tipped scallops + , Item:Cambrinth raccoon medallion + , Item:Cambrinth wreath of entwined straw gussied up with gingham ties + , Item:Cambrinth wristband set with a magnificent Huntress diamond + , Item:Choryu cake + , Item:Dark cambrinth velver + , Item:Dark purple taffy cane topped with a small chocolate bow + , Item:Darkened oak quiver bound by a leather strap + , Item:Decorative pine wreath + , Item:Deep green Elven silk cloak embroidered with a bronze bow and arrow + ... Uses symbol


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