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Blue gold
Provided for alterations true  +
Has query
"Has query" is a predefined property that represents meta information (in form of a subobject) about individual queries.
Blue gold + , Blue gold +
Categories Materials , Metals , Golds
Modification date
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10 November 2018 12:10:58  +
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Post:Rare materials found Beyond the Barrier! - 06/07/2014 - 12:55 + Post relates to
Item:Acenite scroll case with blue gold end caps + , Armor:Aubergine gauntlets inset with stormfire topazes + , Item:Blighted gold shariza medal striated with skeins of blue gold + , Item:Blue gold bracelet inlaid with sky opals + , Item:Blue gold diary locket set with an ebony star sapphire + , Item:Blue gold key + , Item:Blue gold prayer bead chain engraved with detailed symbols of the Triquetra + , Item:Blue gold repair case embossed with the image of the Sunfell Hub + , Item:Blue gold shariza amulet on a strand of pale moonstones + , Item:Blue gold shariza pendant bearing twin crescent moons in bas-relief + , Item:Blue gold wedding tailband set with a shariza symbol + , Item:Blue gold worry stone etched with a pair of crescent moons + , Item:Brilliant sunstone amulet centered with a blue gold disc + , Weapon:Broad iron staff weighted with alternating panels of black and blue gold + , Item:Cambrinth ring set with a disc covered in blue gold leaf + , Item:Carmine and azure tartan greatkilt fastened with a blue gold pin + , Item:Circlet bearing a pair of blue gold crescent moons + , Item:Commemorative coin with rippled edges + , Item:Cracked leather storage book emblazoned with a blue gold shariza + , Item:Delicate blue gold and platinum girdle clasped with a soulstone triquetra + ... Uses material


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