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Item:Amethyst vine bloom + , Item:Speckled blue-grey narwhal with unicorn lilies coiled around its horn-like tusk + Uses┬ámaterial
Item:Ametrine eglantine rose + , Item:Armband displaying an array of cambrinth lotus flowers + , Item:Beaded strands of intricately carved Imperial coral + , Item:Black leather rosette aged to resemble a dead bloom + , Item:Blue gossamer sjarta blooms dotted with snow-white geshi pearls + , Item:Braided silk ring interspersed with diminutive cambrinth roses + , Item:Bright green scroll case dangling gilded teapot crocus blooms + , Item:Carmine-red and yellow lisianthus flowers strung upon a fancy vardite chain + , Item:Carved shell pendant adorned with brown and white beads + , Item:Cluster of faceted purple gold phofe flowers + , Item:Colorful satchel covered in tropical silk flowers + , Item:Cream-hued egg embellished with malachite leaves and tiny painted white roses of clay + , Item:Dark green silk gamantang masterfully embroidered with large golden flowers + , Item:Delicate platinum earring shaped to resemble a vine of twining roses + , Item:E'erdream flower basket with delicate engraving + , Item:Flowering wisteria vines + , Item:Fluffy hot pink towel twisted into a turban sprinkled with tiny pansies + , Item:Form-fitting zerarin lace gown fastened by tyrium buckles + , Item:Fringed pistachio-hued sash embroidered with tone-on-tone lisianthus blooms + , Item:Full gown of forest green silks wound with resplendent flora + ... Uses┬ásymbol


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