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Albreda's Balm
Ability difficulty is advanced  +
Ability effect is AOE calm.  +
Ability skill is debilitation  + , utility  +
Ability type is area of effect  +
Casting cap is 25  +
Cyclic spell true  +
Defensive contest is willpower  +
Guild association is Bard +
Magic type is Elemental Magic (Water)  +
Maximum skill is 1,000  +
Messaging is ''Prepare:''<br />You hear the soft
''Prepare:''<br />You hear the soft humming of Albreda's Balm in your mind, as you trace your finger along mana streams around you in introduction. ''Cast:''<br /> You give sudden voice to the soft humming that dances in your thoughts, as you release an accompaniment of elemental water into the piece. Your humming continues to increase in volume, punctuated by glottal stops. ''Pulse:''<br /> The strong notes of Albreda's Balm fall from your lips in a light, skipping rhythm that is almost chanted, punctuated by sustained vocalizations at the end of each phrase. You sense that your enchanted voice has soothed ''<Player>'', a ship rat, a ship rat, a ship rat. ''Successful resist:''<br /> You feel a balming warmth surround you. Setting your jaw, you manage to resist the call of the alluring enchante. ''Failure to resist effect:''<br /> You feel a balming warmth surround you and find it hard to be aggressive. ''Effect wearing off:''<br /> ''<Player>'' suddenly looks rather less content with life in general.<br /> A ship rat suddenly looks rather less content with life in general.
rather less content with life in general.  +
Minimum duration is 999  +
Minimum prep is 5  +
Minimum skill is 250  +
Offensive contest is charm  +
Page type is spell  +
Pretty name is Albreda's Balm  +
Scroll-only spell false  +
Signature spell true  +
Slot cost is 2  +
Spell abbreviation is alb  +
Spell cast type is cyclic  +
Spell source is guildleader  +
Spellbook is Emotion Control  +
Targeted magic spell false  +
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Albreda's Balm +
Categories Cyclic spells , Debilitation abilities , Utility abilities , Area of effect abilities , Contested abilities , Charm contest abilities , Willpower contest abilities , Spells , Bard spells , Guild Leader spells , Emotion Control spellbook , Signature spells , Advanced abilities , Debilitating abilities
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8 February 2020 14:57:48  +
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Title:Pacifier + , Title:Pacifier + Requires spell
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