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 Rare itemSource
Ingenious clockwork telescopetrueFuture is Now (1)
Future is Now (2)
Oak telescope with mismatched metal bandstruePig Maze 429
Egg rewards
Basic silverwillow telescopetrueKonezu's Lenses
Sleek gloomwood telescope strewn with shimmering rivertearstrueClear Visions (2)
Simple ash telescopetrueKonezu's Lenses
Gloomwood telescope inlaid with silvertrueClear Visions (1)
Bocote telescope fitted with uthamar-rimmed clear Xibar topaz lensestrueSu Helmas: Seeds of Entropy/End loot
Item:Well-crafted brass and wood telescopetrueEyes of Damaris
Sturdy deobar telescopetrueKonezu's Lenses
Crude bamboo telescope dangling strands of vibrant beadstrue
Well-crafted elaborate gold telescope with small dents along its casingtrueMuseum of Imperial History
Polished bone telescope wrapped with thin platinum bandstrue
Purpleheart telescope banded with silver filigreetrueLustrous purpleheart telescope case banded with silver filigree
Sleeping Dragon Corn Maze 425/End loot
Fine black telescope with polished silver bandstrueDunshade: Echo of Tears
Ebonwood chest inlaid with silver constellations labeled "His"
Small telescopetrueBreaking and Entering/Sanctum loot
Fine brass telescopetrueArtisan Display and Sales
Crude wooden telescopetrueArtisan Display and Sales
Eyes of Damaris
Copper and brass telescope with polished quartz lensestrueEgg rewards
Item:Well-crafted elaborate gold telescope etched with the three moonstrueMoon Mage Pavilion
Essential Sects Shop (1)
Essential Sects Shop (2)
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