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Promithius Nido
Status Active
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Cleric
Instance Prime


You are War Shaman Promithius Nido of the Order of the White Rose, a Human. A holy aura of malevolence emanates from you, the darkness exuding a disturbing black radiance. You are tanned, have milky blue eyes with white hair which is shoulder length, thick, and worn braided. You have a thick bushy mustache that droops heavily on your upper lip and a long shaggy beard.

You are ancient.

You are wearing a steel great helm painted to resemble a fiery inferno, a tattered crimson robe clasped with a platinum seven pointed star, a slender alabaster staff with a silver cobra coiled along it, an articulated blued-steel weapon harness with interlocking plates engraved with the form of a regal lion, some lumium lamellar gloves, a darkened silver ring engraved with a seven-pointed star and a wide dwarven mining belt of sturdy worn leather.