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Re: Updated end treasure (Ghost Ship, Gnome, Dunshade) · on 12/13/2013 04:58 PM CST 4798
I want to throw out a special thanks to Ulerith and Jhustis for their work on the updated treasure options, and Akkei for getting the initial list posted for you guys. Hopefully it'll keep you busy for a little but. ;)

Three items were added:
Ghost Ship: a polished steel throwing spike with a wire-wound leather grip -- Tier 5, swappable LT/LB/LE
Dunhsade: an oak throwing club banded with etched steel bands -- Tier 5, LT/LB
Gnome: a light damascene steel throwing axe with an ironwood haft -- Tier 5, LT/ME

Here's the final list of what was removed.

Removed From Dunshade:
a brushed leather rucksack set with polished gold plates
--a polished great helm with gold marbling and animite insets
--some golden gauntlets set with animite flecks in each scale
--some animite-etched field plate armor with golden pauldrons
an ebony unicorn hobbyhorse
a jet-hilted carving knife with a curved blade of pattern-welded steel
a thick leather backpack with silken panels
--some darkened red chain gauntlets backed with spiked knuckles
--a darkened red chain helm with the visage of a striking serpent
--some darkened mail dyed rust-red with a spiked emblem upon the chest
a tooled moneybelt with a jeweled buckle

Removed From Gnome:
a folded-steel longsword with a polished oak hilt
a small mechanical sparrow
a supple grendel-skin moneybelt

Removed From Ghost Ship:
[It looks like a lot, but it's only 6 options -- 5 of them are large sets.]
a toy slot machine bank made from precious metals
a heavy leather haversack clasped with a silver skull
--a set of hunting leathers covered in silver skull-shaped studs
--a heavy leather mask covered in silver skull-shaped studs
--some silver-studded leather gloves
--a silvered claymore with a rotting leather grip
--a silvered mace with a warped teak shaft
--a cracked teak nightstick with a rotting leather-wrapped grip
--a silvered scimitar with a rotting leather-wrapped grip
--a silvered broadsword with a rotting leather-wrapped grip
--a cracked chakrel torque in the shape of a one-eyed skull
a dusky-blue basilisk hide satchel decorated with ur hhrki'izh claws along the flap
--a salt-stained vellum scroll
--a gleaming metallic-red cinder beast with glittering onyx claws
--some blackened chain gloves fixed with tarnished steel wrist guards
--a blackened steel throwing hammer with a sturdy haft of bone-inlaid bloodwood
--a tattered nightsilk shroud
--a crimson cashmere cassock with deep cuffs trimmed in black brocade
--a Guildleader Esuin doll
--a translucent chalice of swirled rose and crimson glass
--a pilgrim's badge
--a strand of gleaming cambrinth prayer beads with a gold-inlaid platinum clasp
--an ivory claw key slung from a leather wristlet
--a heavy mistwood boar spear adorned with streamers of blood-red spidersilk
--a blackened chain coif with a tarnished steel facemask
--a glistening black gladius with an onyx beetle pommel
--some glistening black leather armor fashioned to resemble a beetle
a glistening black armored pack with silver rivet fastenings
--a glistening black leather mask shaped like a beetle head
--some bloodstained leather gloves with iron spikes along the knuckles
--a glistening black stiletto with an onyx beetle pommel
--a petrified beetle ring
--a black leather armband set with an onyx beetle
--a glistening black bastard sword with an onyx beetle pommel
an aged leather satchel embellished with the faded crest of the Warrior Mage Guild
--a black ironwood spellbook case with the crest of the Warrior Mage Guild inlaid in platinum
-- --a sturdy silver-bound ebonwood spellbook engraved with the Warrior Mage Guild crest
--an animite ring set with a fire opal etched with the crest of the Warrior Mage guild
--a reinforced leather cavalier hat adorned with owl down pinned up by a golden staff
--an ermine-lined velvet riding cloak worked with the crest of the Warrior Mage Guild
--some leather riding gloves etched with lightning bolts from hem to fingertips
--a pair of highly-polished leather riding boots capped with steel at the toes and heel
--a pair of elegant leather pants stitched with lightning bolts down each leg
--a polished steel scabbard engraved with lightning bolts from edge to tip
-- --a folded steel broadsword with a hilt shaped like flared-wings and capped by a claw clasping a spherical crystal
--a leather-wrapped sheath stamped with the crest of Warrior Mage Guild
-- --a folded steel scimitar with a hilt shaped like flared-wings and capped by a claw clasping a spherical crystal
--a set of chain armor with a sash pinned across the chest by a gold medallion
a suede haversack with crisscrossing rawhide stitches
--a braided horsehair archer's cuff studded with small arrowheads
--some steel-toed riding boots with braided sinew ties
--a forest shroud dyed in mottled shades of green and brown
--an ebony hobbyhorse with a spotted pony's head
--a knotted rawhide lunge whip with a black leather handle
--a stallion pin
--a redwood horse bow tied with spotted owl feathers
--a pair of gleaming steel spurs with twisted leather straps
--a twisted cambrinth armband bearing the crest of the Ranger Guild

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