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Updated end treasure (Ghost Ship, Gnome, Dunshade) · on 12/12/2013 03:59 PM CST 4785
To entice more brave souls, the relevant patrons have made the following updates to end treasure rewards. Where repaints are of a higher tier than their predecessors, the old items will likely be removed, but old fluff/lighters will probably remain (since there really isn't a quality disparity). While this list is intended to be complete, some things may still shift (or might even be added).

Ghost Ship Repainted:

Item Contains (if applicable) Description
seven pirate hats floating jewelry
seven onyx ships floating jewelry
a toy slot machine bank made from semi-precious materials fluff item that holds up to 20 copper kronars
a heavy leather haversack clasped with a platinum skull
a silvered scimitar with a plain leather-wrapped grip Tier 5 ME (small edge)
a silvered mace with a polished teak shaft Tier 5 MB (small blunt)
a silvered claymore with a plain leather grip Tier 5 2HE
some platinum-studded leather gloves Tier 5 leather
a heavy leather mask covered in platinum skull-shaped studs Tier 5 leather
a set of hunting leathers covered in platinum skull-shaped studs Tier 5 leather
a dusky-black basilisk hide satchel decorated with pard claws along the flap
a weathered vellum scroll Cleric shield of light modification (green)
a set of blackened chain armor engraved with symbols of the Thirteen Tier 5 chain
a blackened chain balaclava with a polished steel facemask Tier 5 chain
a heavy ironwood boar spear adorned with streamers of scarlet spidersilk Tier 5 HT/pike (HT/polearm)
a strand of gleaming cambrinth prayer beads with a black gold-inlaid platinum clasp
a pilgrim's badge
a frosted chalice of swirled rose and crimson glass
a scarlet cashmere cassock with deep cuffs trimmed in black brocade
a tattered nightsilk cloak
a blackened steel throwing hammer with a sturdy haft of bone-inlaid wyndewood Tier 5 HT/HB
some blackened chain gauntlets affixed with tarnished steel wrist guards Tier 5 chain
a glistening black armored pack with platinum rivet fastenings
a petrified beetle ring
some black leather gauntlets with steel spikes along the knuckles Tier 5 leather
a polished black leather mask shaped like a beetle's head Tier 5 leather
some oiled black leather armor fashioned to resemble a beetle Tier 5 leather
a glistening black stiletto with an onyx beetle pommel Tier 5 LE (small edged)
a gleaming black gladius with an jet beetle pommel Tier 5 ME (small edged)
a worn leather satchel embellished with a faded crest of the Warrior Mage Guild
a silver maple spellbook case with the crest of the Warrior Mage Guild inlaid in gold has compartments, contains a sturdy gold-bound ebonwood spellbook engraved with the Warrior Mage Guild crest (fluff verbs only, NOT a customized type)
a set of chain armor with a sash pinned across the chest by a platinum medallion Tier 5 chain
a suede-wrapped sheath stamped with the crest of the Warrior Mage Guild contains a folded steel scimitar with a twisted-wire hilt enclosing a spherical crystal (Tier 5 ME (small edged))
a polished steel scabbard engraved with lightning bolts contains a folded steel broadsword with a twisted-wire hilt enclosing a spherical crystal (Tier 5 HE (large edged))
a pair of black leather pants stitched with lightning bolts down each leg
a pair of tooled leather riding boots capped with steel at the toes and heel
some leather riding gloves tooled with lightning bolts
an ermine-lined velvet riding cloak worked with the crest of the Warrior Mage Guild
a black gold ring set with a red garnet etched with the crest of the Warrior Mage Guild
a green suede haversack with crisscrossing rawhide stitches
a stallion pin fluff
a twisted cambrinth armband bearing the crest of the Rangers' Guild
a pair of polished steel spurs with braided leather straps
a redwood horse bow tied with spotted raven feathers shortbow
a knotted rawhide lunge whip with an ebony handle
an ebony hobbyhorse with a spotted horse's head Tier 5 quarterstaff, verbed
a heavy wool cloak dyed in mottled shades of green and brown verbed
some forest green riding boots verbed
a braided rawhide archer's cuff with steel studs

Ghost Ship NEW:

Item Contains (if applicable) Description
a barbed trident made of steel Tier 6 HT/pike (HT/polearm)
a copper trident with three barbed prongs Tier 6 HT/pike (HT/polearm)
a maple-hilted hanger engraved with lightning bolts along the blade Tier 6 ME (small edge)
an elegant diamondwood case with a filigreed lock
some exquisite chandelier earrings with cascading bloodgems and brilliant Huntress diamonds verbed
a black velvet choker dangling a stunning Huntress diamond verbed
a series of gold chains dangling brilliant Huntress diamonds worn in hair
a gleaming gold arrow-shaped key set with a brilliant Huntress diamond

Gnome Repainted:

Item Contains (if applicable) Description
a cobalt chest painted with the constellations of the Elanthian sky
a telescope case covered with cobalt satin
a fine pearwood telescope with engraved silver bands
an unadorned wide-sleeved robe of flowing blue nightsilk reversible
an Elven wool moneybelt with a polished platinum buckle holds up to 35 coins
a jet-eyed gold salamander with a slender tail lighter
seven tiny ponies floating jewelry
seven tool-wielding gnomes floating jewelry
a small mechanical dove bird charm
a folded-steel schiavona with a polished oak hilt Tier 6 HE

Gnome New

Item Contains (if applicable) Description
a pitch-black backpack with white embroidery
a black prayer tapestry embroidered in white silk threads
a set of thirteen tiny crystal bells strung from a thin silver neck chain
a set of thirteen slender crystal chimes inset with filigreed platinum animal charms
an articulated silver handfasting cord adorned with sparkling crystal and onyx beads
a leather backpack tooled with ivy vines
a tooled leather cowl Tier 5 leather
some tooled leather gloves Tier 5 leather
some tooled leathers embossed with foliage Tier 5 leather
a clockwork pendant strung on a thin cambrinth chain fluff messaging, small cambrinth
a pattern-welded steel katar with a wire-wrapped flamewood grip Tier 6 LE (small edge)
a steel nimsha with a rosewood hilt Tier 6 HE (large edge)
a steel-headed war hammer with a cocobolo handle Tier 6 MB (small blunt)
a brass-edged scimitar with a hilt molded into the shape of dolphin Tier 6 ME (small edge)
a dragon-headed mace with ruby eyes Tier 6 MB (small blunt)

Just a reminder Dunshade has two sets of end treasure, depending on your actions. One set is intended to be better treasure than the other as a reward for making the "right" decisions.

Dunshade "Lesser" Repainted:

Item Contains (if applicable) Description
a leather rucksack painted with bold blue stripes
some silver-washed plate armor with lapis lazuli insets Tier 4 field plate
some silver-washed plate gauntlets with lapis lazuli insets Tier 4 plate
a silver-washed great helm with lapis lazuli insets Tier 4 plate
a maroon chest painted with the constellations of the Elanthian sky
a deep maroon moonsilk wrap with deep golden fringe verbed
a fine ivory telescope with engraved brass bands
a telescope case covered with maroon satin
some small coral seashells jugglies (50 stones)
an ebony nightmare hobbyhorse Tier 4 quarterstaff
an agate-hilted carving knife with a curved blade of pattern-welded steel
a dark felt cloak trimmed with black silk thread verbed
a vulture-shaped black obsidian ring
a tarnished platinum ring etched with a crest
a polished lunat box carved with a seated cat eye shadow
a polished gold prayer chalice etched with the image of a viper
a ruby-eyed silver salamander with a forked tail lighter

Dunshade "Lesser" New*:

Item Contains (if applicable) Description
seven tiny rabbits floating jewelry

Dunshade "Better" Repainted:

Item Contains (if applicable) 'Description
a series of wooden dancing bears floating jewelry
a thick canvas backpack with spidersilk panels
a deep crimson chain coif bearing a gold medallion etched with a striking serpent Tier 5 chain
some mail dyed deep crimson with a spiked emblem upon the chest Tier 5 chain
some deep crimson chain gauntlets backed with spiked knuckles Tier 5 chain
a thick canvas moneybelt with a polished steel buckle holds up to 30 coins
a translucent alabaster chalice inset with tiny lapis lazuli dolphins along the rim Cleric item

Dunshade "Better" New:

Item Contains (if applicable) Description
a platinum anklet of triangular-shaped links clasped with a Bardic Spirit Knot
a steel bodice dagger with a black jasper hilt Tier 5 LE (small edge)
a dire mace with a white ash haft Tier 5 2HB (2HB)
a steel-headed flanged mace with a carved handle Tier 5 MB (small blunt)

JGM Akkei
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