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Re: So teaching suppose to teach little expect for teaching? · on 12/21/2009 8:28:44 PM 609
> Need more input, Dart! Were they all the same skill in schol and teach?

It doesn't matter. The teacher's experience is based entirely on the experience awarded to their best student that pulse, plus an additional bonus for each additional student up to an experience cap. The only way for your experience to go down is for the quality of your best student to go down (ie the best leaves the class). Well, that or for some outside influence to either reduce your teaching ability and/or decrease the best student's scholarship.

Now it is possible for very good teachers and students to hit the exp cap even with just one student, at which point adding more will make no difference. This may account for some of what extremely good teachers/student combos are seeing, in that adding more students at this point does nothing at all.

And before the extremely good teachers cry foul, there's some other stuff in the works for high level teaching that are intended to pick up where adding more students drops off.

- GM Dartenian

This message was originally posted in Lore (5) \ Teaching Skill (1), by DR-DARTENIAN on the forums.